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MOQ: 1.00MT
Other Name: Acid ammonium carbonate;AmBic;Ammoniumbicarbonate.
Category: Nitrogen Fertilizers, Bulking Agents
Origin: Anhui, China
Brand: JINHE



Ammonium bicarbonate white crystalline powder
Acid ammonium carbonate;AmBic;Ammoniumbicarbonate.
1066-33-7 213-911-5 2836994000
NH4HCO3 79 220
169? 105? ?
General Product
Basic Description
Ammonium bicarbonate is colorless orthorhombic crystals or monoclinic crystals, or white crystal powder. The product is easy to dissolve in water (the aqueous solution is alkaline), is insoluble in ethanol and acetone, is easy to decompose when heated or exposed to the air to cause the of a large amount of ammonia, precipitates ammonia when reacting with alkali, has no ammoniacal odor in a drying state, and is easy to weather in the air.
Main Property
Be used as high-grade food fermentation agent. Share with baking soda be used as bread, biscuit, battercake etc leavening agent materials, also be used as foamingpowder juice raw material. And be used for green vegetable , bamboo shoot etc scaldbleaching.
Package & Storage
Package: 25kg/bag. Packing Double packaging, inside packed with polyethylene plastic film packaging bags, outside packed with polypropylene woven bags Storage: Store in dry, dark and ventilated place.
Detail Description
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