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MOQ: 1.00MT
Other Name: 2,6,6-Trimethylbicyclo(3.1.1)-2-hept-2-ene;2-Pinene;DL-Pin-2(3)-ene;2,6,6-trimethylbicyclo[3.1.1]hept-2-ene
Category: Intermediates
Origin: Fujian, China
Manufacturer: Fujian Green Pine Co., Ltd  




alpha-Pinene Colorless transparent liquid
80-56-8 201-291-9
C10H16 136
157 ℃ -55 ℃ 32.22 ℃
Dangerous Cargo UN No.:2368
Basic Description
α-Pinene is an organic compound of the terpene class, one of two isomers of pinene.It is an alkene and it contains a reactive four-membered ring. It is found in the oils of many species of many coniferous trees, notably the pine. It is also found in the essential oil of rosemary and Satureja myrtifolia. At low exposure levels, α-Pinene is a bronchodilator in humans, and is highly bioavailable with 60% human pulmonary uptake with rapid metabolism or redistribution. α-Pinene is an anti-inflammatory via PGE1, and seems to be a broad-spectrum antibiotic. It exhibits activity as an acetylcholinesterase inhibitor, aiding memory.
Main Property
Alpha pinene is a fine organic solvent, as an important raw material in dyes, synthetic camphor, terpineol, synthetic resin, flavor, medicine and other organic synthesis industry.
Package & Storage
Package: 200kg/drum. Storage: Store in cool dry place. Avoid fire.
Detail Description
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