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Alkyd resin 3370
Alkyd resin 3370
Alkyd resin 3370

Alkyd resin 3370

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Other Name: alkyd resins.glycerol -phthalic resin
Origin: Jiangsu, China
Brand: HELI

Product Details

  • Item Name: Alkyd resin 3370
  • Other Name: alkyd resins.glycerol -phthalic resin
  • Appearance: Transparent viscous liquid
  • CAS NO.: 63148-69-6
  • Hs Code: 39075000
  • Type: GENERAL


The product has a light shallow, with fast-drying and high hardness, good color and luster, suitable for light polyester finish, nitro paint, amino baking paint

Package & Storage

Packaging: 220kg / drums Storage:recommended storage in the shade with closed, storage period of twelve months

Basic Description

An oil-modified polyester resin obtained by condensation polymerization of a polyhydric alcohol, phthalic anhydride and a fatty acid or an oil (glyceryl tri-fatty acid ester).Alkyd resin can be dried as film in the air , it can be a variety of varnish, paint, paint.

Detail Description