5 '- inosine acid disodium   
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Category: Flour Treatment Agents
Origin: Xinjiang, China




5 '- inosine acid disodium colorless to white crystal
General Product
Basic Description
5 '- inosine acid disodium is colorless to white crystal, or white crystalline powder. Its flavor intensity is lower than disodium guanylate while these two agents have remarkable synergistic effect. It is soluble in water; its aqueous solution is stable at neutral ph value; it easy to be decomposed in acid solution after heating and lost flavoring function. It is also can be decomposed or broken by phosphatase. Disodium inosinate widely exist in various kinds of fresh meat and seafood in nature world. Its flavor developing effect is stable and lasting, and its price is comparatively cheap.
Main Property
It is usually used as a seasoning in soup and cooked food; rare to be used alone and can remarkably improve flavor when it is mixed with monosodium glutamate.
Package & Storage
Package: 10Kg/box Storage: Store in dry, dark and ventilated place.
Detail Description
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