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MOQ: 500.00KG
Other Name: Benzenamine,4,4-methylenebis2,6-diethyl; 4,4'-Diamino-3,3',5,5'-tetraethyldiphenylmethane; Bis(4-amino-3,5-diethylphenyl)methane
Category: Curing Agents
Origin: Jiangsu, China




4,4'-Methylenebis(2,6-diethylaniline) off-white powder or pallet
Benzenamine,4,4-methylenebis2,6-diethyl; 4,4'-Diamino-3,3',5,5'-tetraethyldiphenylmethane; Bis(4-amino-3,5-diethylphenyl)methane
13680-35-8 237-185-4 2921590090
C21H30N2 310
205℃ 88℃ 281℃
General Product
Basic Description
4,4'-Methylenebis(2,6-diethylaniline) is a white to brown crystaline powder, insoluble in water. It provides improved mechanical and dynamic properties, so it is an excellent chain extender for polyurethanes and a curing agent for epoxides. It is used as a precursor for polyimides and as an intermediate for organic syntheses.
Main Property
An excellent chain extender for elastomeric polyurethanes (PU) and also a curing agent for epoxides (EP).
Package & Storage
Package: Net 25 kg/drum. Storage:Keep far away from fire and heat source. Store in a cool and ventilated warehouse where being equipped with fire equipments., keep the container tightly sealed.
Detail Description

MDEA is an excellent chain extender for elastomeric PU and also a curing agent for EP.

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