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Product Name: [2.2.2]Cryptand
CAS NO.: 23978-09-8
Package: 2-8ºC


Product Info

  • Product Name: [2.2.2]Cryptand
  • CAS NO.: 23978-09-8
  • Other Name:
  • EINECS No.:
  • Molecula Formula(MF):
  • HS Code:
  • Formula Weight:
  • UN No.: -
  • E No.:
  • Appearance: Colourless crystals
  • Solubility: soluble
  • Melting Point:
  • Flash Point:
  • Boiling Point:
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Product Certificate


Package & Trade Terms

Package: 2-8ºC

Storage Condition:

Supply Ability: Contacting Supplier

Trade Terms: FOB

Shipping Mode: By Sea

Shipping Port: AnyPort

Payment Terms: T/T

Advantage Description

2.2.2-Cryptand is one of the most important members of the cryptand family of chelating agents. In Nomenclature of Inorganic Chemistry (2005), IUPAC recommends the abbreviation "crypt-222".

Detailed Description

Company Profile

BSAZ Biotech (HangZhou) Co., Ltd. is an enterprise committed to improve the quality of healthy life and advance the research and development of life science industry. It was founded by returned overseas young scholar Dr. Zhe-Ming Wang and its technical team is composed of domestic first-class medicine chemical industry experts and technicians and also from Germany, Switzerland, Japan, Indien and other countries. It owns a number of independent intellectual property rights like drug intermediates, antineoplastic drugs as well as modern medicine laboratories. BSAZ focuses on life science industry this big theme, fully relies on its own technical advantages in pharmaceutical, fine chemical and other fields and advances the development of correlative products and service customization strongly, its main business scope includes five parts (α.β.γ.δ.ε),namely life science products trade (α), customer order (β), biomedicine development(γ), new excipient research(δ), technic support and service(ε). As a long-term planning, BSAZ will enter the chemical geneticengineering and cell biology fields. Currently the production of new pharmaceutical excipient as strategic project of company has started and BSAZ aspires to fill the blank of domestic intelligent pharmaceutical products. Anti cancer drugs and recombinant protein preparations, which researched and developed independently by BSAZ, have been already in the phase of application for patents, and it will strive to have innovation also in domestic biological medicine fields. Besides, the supporting service projects for domestic pharmaceutical enterprise start one after another, it includes design for synthesis rout of raw material medicine, development of pharmaceutical intermediates and examination of fine chemicals. According to customers' demand BSAZ offers individual service, for example, apply new intelligent excipient technic in biological medicine, life science and other fields, improve correlative products' quality. BSAZ is set up with technic, rejuvenated with benefit, promoted with duty and knows the close relationship between enterprise development and national revitalization well, so it adapts actively to development requirements for reconstruction and upgrading of economy and society, strive to join the trend that well-being of people will be promoted by progress of technic. With persistent and individual innovation, more BSAZ series products with independent intellectual property rights will be developed. In order to improve innovation capacity of our nation, strengthen national physical quality, enhance national comprehensive strength, BSAZ as an enterprise is willing to contribute.

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[2.2.2]Cryptand(BSAZ (HANGZHOU) Biotech Co.Ltd.)

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