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Uses of Sodium Silicate Water Glass

Uses of Sodium Silicate Water Glass2019.12.05

Water glass is the common name of sodium silicate. With the development of industrial technology and manufacturing technology, sodium silicate water glass is used more and more widely. What are the characteristics of sodium silicate water glass? What are the main applications? We will introduce to you the details in this article.

In recent years, the use of sodium silicate water glass in the coating manufacturing process is more common, such as water glass interior wall coating, the preparation and film-forming principle of water glass polyvinyl alcohol water glass interior wall coating. It is to make full use of the emulsifying effect of surfactant, mix polyvinyl alcohol and water glass under intense agitation and highly disperse in water to form emulsion. Then add other ingredients and mix well to make the product. When the paint is applied on the wall, after the water is fully used, it can form a bright and clean film containing filler and other components and playing the role of decoration and protection.

Sodium silicate water glass

Sodium silicate water glass is composed of alkali metal oxide and silicon dioxide. It is a kind of metal silicate that dissolves in water. The water glass commonly used in construction engineering is the water solution of sodium silicate.

Properties of sodium silicate water glass:

1. the bonding ability is strong. When it is hardened, precipitated silica gel can block capillary pores and prevent water penetration.

2. It has good heat resistance. Although the foam alkali is not inflammable, its strength will not be reduced under high temperature. It is used to prepare heat-resistant concrete, heat-resistant mortar and heat-resistant mortar;

3. It has strong acid resistance, and the effervescence of effervescent alkali is affected by almost all inorganic and organic acids (except hydrofluoric acid, overheated phosphoric acid, high-grade fatty acid or oleic acid), which is used to prepare acid resistant concrete, acid resistant mortar, acid resistant mastic, etc;

4. The alkali resistance and water resistance are poor. After adding sodium fluosilicate, the foam alkali can not be completely hardened. Because the foam alkali is soluble in alkali and water, in order to improve the water resistance, the hardened water glass can be treated with acid with medium concentration of acid.

Water Glass Sodium Silicate

Use of sodium silicate water glass:

1. Waterproof base material: Take the aqueous solution of sodium silicate as the waterproof base material, add two, three or four kinds of alum to prepare the two alum, three alum or four alum fast setting waterproof agent, the setting speed of this waterproof agent is generally no more than one minute, and use the fast setting effect and adhesiveness to mix it into cement slurry, mortar or concrete for repair, leakage stoppage, emergency repair and surface treatment.

2. Cementitious material: Water glass is a cementitious material, sodium fluosilicate is used as a coagulant, heat-resistant or acid resistant coarse and fine aggregate is configured in a certain proportion, the ultimate service temperature of water glass heat-resistant concrete is below 1200 ℃, water glass acid resistant concrete is generally used for acid storage tank, acid pickling tank, acid resistant horizon and acid resistant equipment, etc.

3. The density and strength of porous materials can be improved by soaking them with bubble alkali, which has good effect on clay brick, silicate products, cement concrete, etc., but it can not be used to brush or impregnate gypsum products, because sodium silicate and calcium sulfate will react to produce sodium sulfate, crystallize in the pores of products, and the products will be damaged by significant volume expansion.

4. the liquid bubble soda and calcium chloride solution are alternately injected into the formation alternately, forming silica gel, wrapping the soil particles and filling the pores of the formation. The silicate colloid is a kind of freezing gel that absorbs water and expands. Because it absorbs underground water, it is often in an expansion state to prevent the water from being penetrated and solidifying the soil.

5. The liquid water glass and fire-resistant filler are mixed into paste fire-retardant paint, which can be applied on the wood surface to resist the instantaneous flame and reduce the ignition point.

sodium silicate
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