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The top 10 Xanthan Gum world export countries in 2016


Xanthan gum is a polysaccharide produced by the fermentation of Xanthomonas, derived from corn. Xanthan gum is excellent at thickening, suspending, emulsifying and stabilizing. The viscosity of xanthan gum is equivalent to 100 times of gelatin in 1% aqueous solutions. Accordingly, xanthan gum is used in food & beverages, oil & gas, cosmetics along with pharmaceuticals.

Import & Exports Profile

In 2016, the import of HS391390(xanthan gum) reached 200 million kilograms in 99 countries and regions; Japan, USA, Germany became the top 3 importers. In the same year, the export volume of HS391390(xanthan gum) reached 207.6 million kilograms in 71 countries and regions; China, USA, Italy were the top 3 exporters, counting for 81.4% of global total export.

Xanthan Gum world export countries: Top 10 in 2016

Xanthan Gum world exports: Top 10 in 2016

HS: 391390-Natural polymers (for example, alginic acid) and modified natural polymers, not elsewhere specified or included, in primary forms.

Source: UN Comtrade (2016)

From the above figures, we can find that China is the top 1 export country of xanthan gum, taking 49.4% of global market. The following countries are USA with 24.9% and Italy with 7.1%. China and USA has been the top 1 and top 2 export countries since 2009.

Xanthan gums use 

Xanthan gum is used in food & beverages, oil & gas, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and ect,.

In food & beverage industry, xanthan gum plays an vital role as stabilizer, suspension, emulsifier, thickener. Xanthan gum does a great job at retaining moisture and prevents staling, and increasing  shelf life accordingly. The market size of xanthan Gum’s food & beverage application estimates an CAGR of 6% in 2016.

In oil & gas industry, xanthan gum is used in water based drilling, completion and processing fluids. Xanthan gum has the ability to speed up drilling, prevent collapse of oil wells, protect oil and gas fields, prevent blowout, and substantially increase oil recovery.

Oil & gas and food & beverages together accounts for over 70% of xanthan gum market.  Cosmetic and pharmaceuticals are the fast growing industries in xanthan gum market, especially in North America and Asia Pacific.

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