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Brief Highlights of PBAT and Its production in China

Brief Highlights of PBAT and Its production in China2020.12.23

1. What does PBAT stand for?

PBAT is short for polybutylene adipate terephthalate.

P: poly

B: butylene

A: adipate

T: terephthalate

2. How is PBAT produced?

PBAT is a fossil-based biodegradable material. It is synthesized from the polymer of 1,4-butanediol and adipic acid and the polymer of dimethyl terephthalate (DMT) with 1,4-butanediol.


3. What are the main features and applications for PBAT?

PBAT has good tensile strength and are suitable to make blown film products, such as  shopping bags, courier bags and fresh-keeping film bags. PBAT is not suitable for injection molding products, such as plastic cups or toys.

PBAT is often used together with starch or PLA in the production. The combined use of starch or PLA with PBAT could improve the utilization of fossil-based materials and are cheaper than PLA and therefore are more popular in the market.  

4.What is the current production capacity of PBAT in China?

The current annual output of of PBAT is from 120,000 tons to 150,000 tons. And the annual output is expected to reach 400,000 tons in 2022. There are also many factories which are developing its plants to produce biodegradable plastic materials.


In December 10, 2020, Ningbo Changhong Polymer Scientific & Technical Inc announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary company has recently signed contact to build the All Biodegradable Thermoplastic Industrial Park in the coming 5 years, the land of which is 141,420 square meters. The location is in Shengzhou, Shaoxing city in Zhejiang province of China. It is expected to have the capacity to product 600,000 tons of PBAT as well as other different products such as PBS and PBT.  

OKCHEM PLA, PBAT and PBS Distribution Project

OKCHEM is the strategic partner of Anhui BBCA (the largest PLA producer in China) and Xinjiang Blue Ridge Tunhe (the largest PBAT producer in China) to look for buyers and partners globally. If you want to join us in this project, please contact us at You may also make the application online at:

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Brief Highlights of PBAT and Its production in China

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