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Corbion to Expand Lactic Acid Capacity in North America by 40%

Corbion to Expand Lactic Acid Capacity in North America by 40%2021.01.25

Corbion to Expand Lactic Acid Capacity in North America by 40% and develop a lactic acid factory of 124 kt/a in 2023. 

Corbion will increase its capacity for producing lactic acid in North America by around 40% to meet the growing demand for natural ingredients in multiple industries. The investment reinforces the company’s leadership position as a supplier of lactic acid and its derivatives worldwide. Corbion also operates lactic acid production facilities in the Netherlands, Brazil, Spain and Thailand, and early last year announced plans to build a new lactic acid plant at its existing site in Rayong Province, Thailand, to help meet global demand.

“At Corbion, we enable brand owners to commercialize safe, high-performing products using our lactic acid-based products and technology,” said Marco Bootz, President-Lactic Acid & Specialties at Corbion. "Given the growth our customers in North America are experiencing, and the increased demand for our products, we believe this expansion is the right thing to do for our customers and for Corbion. We're committed to further strengthening those relationships by enabling more growth."

The use of lactic acid and its derivatives as ingredients in foods and beverages for safe preservation, and in home and personal care products for effective but gentle disinfection and hygiene, has increased steadily in the Americas over the past five years. Manufacturers of food, home and personal care products worldwide are finding the efficacy, consumer-friendliness and sustainability advantages offered by lactic acid-based solutions to be highly valuable in responding to multifaceted market pressures.

“Our customers in the Americas see long-term value in our lactic acid-based technologies, so we are investing to ensure we can continue to supply what’s needed,” Mr. Bootz added. “Taking the long view is an essential part of the sustainability principles our business is built on, and customers are recognizing that, to be successful over the long term, it’s essential to implement solutions designed with the future in mind.”

Given its core commitment to sustainability, Corbion is aiming to achieve the capacity expansion at its Blair, Neb., plant in the most sustainable way possible. The company will employ technology designed to enable a significant boost in efficiency while avoiding an increase in emissions. The move will essentially demonstrate that production growth can be decoupled from CO2 output.


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