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Wide use of PU (ployurethane)

Wide use of PU (ployurethane)2016.10.24

PU is the abbreviation of ployurethane. PU is a polymer. It is popular and has an extensive use for its twists and turns, soft, strong stretch, permeability and low prices. Due to its excellent performance, it is widely used in many fields, such as light industry, chemical industry, electronics, textiles, medical, construction, building materials, automotive, defense, aerospace, aviation, and so on.

Here are technology advantages of PU material

1 It can be cured in a few seconds. This improves efficiency and save costs, it is the most economical and effective;

2 It reflects the outer contours of the original styling and details;

3 The color can be adjusted according to the requirement;

4 100% solid content, no organic solvent;

5 surface brushing primer can be matched with aqueous acrylic emulsion paint;

6 Its excellent waterproof and stain resistance capacity to facilitate cleaning and maintenance;

7 EPS substrate does not require any processing

8 Excellent toughness, low temperature impact resistance and can withstand thermal cycling;

10 excellent weather resistance and durability.

Wide use of PU

As we know polyurethane is made up of two or more isocyanate isocyanate and with 2 more hydroxyl group compounds react to form a general term for polymers, whose chain contains many duplicate of NHCOO group. Common of the second isocyanate has TDI, MDI, HDI, IPDI, HMDI, PAPI, XDI and so on. According to different hydroxyl component, it can be divided into polyester and polyether type. This product can be used in the manufacture of plastic products, wear-resistant synthetic rubber products, synthetic fibers, rigid and flexible cellular plastics, adhesives and coatings.

It has some industrial use, such as PU coatings. Main applications of polyurethane coatings are aircraft, ships, vehicles painting, wood, plastic, rubber, surface coating of leather, structure coating, anticorrosive coating and so on. Waterborne polyurethane coatings, water as the main medium with features of low VOC content, low or no environmental pollution and convenient construction. It has been widely used in many fields, such as wood and wood floor paint, paper coating, architectural coatings, leather coat, fabric coating, and so on. What's more, spandex has been widely used in the textile, as it is a new textile materials with high added value. It simply add less than 10% spandex in traditional textiles can make the traditional fabric quality is greatly improved, and shows a soft, comfortable, attractive and elegant style. If have interest, please follow okchem linkedin company page!

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