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Where To Buy Tea Tree Oil

Where To Buy Tea Tree Oil2017.10.16

Description: Tea tree oil is an essential oil that can be used for acne, hair, etc. Since it has so many uses,  where to buy tea tree oil?


What is tea tree oil?

"Tea tree oil" is a commercial name. It is botanically known as melaleuca alternifolia oil because it comes mainly from many species of Myrtaceae and Melaleuca. The main one is called Melaleuca alternifolia, secondary plants are Melaleuca bracteata, Melaleuca quinquenervia, Melaleuca Viridiflora, etc. Although steam distillation is often used in industrial production, other methods of extraction are also useful.


Pure tea tree oil and allergic reaction

Generally, for 100% pure tea tree oil, the percentage of skin irritation allergies is less than 3.4% in the tested subjects, and there is almost no allergy for the tea tree oil with concentration less than 25%. The allergenic components are mainly P-isopropyl toluene and 1, 4- peroxynitrite (ascaridole).  Long time or improper storage may cause oxidation of oil and quality reduction, and may also produce P-isopropyl toluene and 1, 4- peroxynitrite (ascaridole) which cause allergies.


Tea tree oil for hair

It can ease the hair problems such as scalp itching and dandruff by dropping 2-3 drops into shampoo. And to achieve the best effects, it is recommended dropping 10 drops on the scalp and not rubbing too hard before the hair is dried.


Tea tree oil for acne

It can completely eliminate excess oil secretion, adjust the balance of water and oil, help to dispel acne, prevent acne and accelerate recovery. It provides moisture for the skin and strengthen the delicate repair ability to promote smooth and healthy skin.


Where to buy tea tree oil?


Where to buy tea tree oil


When people understand its powerful bactericidal and health care functions, where to buy pure tea tree oil is a broad concern for many people. Melaleuca alternefolia is originated from Australia, mainly in the southeast coast. As a result, the oil is also called "the Australian tea tree oil". Australia's annual output is very large. China and India are also producing tea tree oil, and the main producing area in China are in Guangxi with an annual output about tens of tons, mainly for export. In China, there are also flavors enterprises using tea tree oil in perfumery. China's relevant departments also attached great importance to the research and development of this essential oil.


There are so many tea tree oil products for people too choose, some may choose to buy it in stores. And if you want to buy cheap and 100 percent tea tree oil, OKCHEM is a good place for you. You can choose qualified suppliers here to meet any of your requirements.

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