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What Is Maltodextrin

What Is Maltodextrin2016.09.02

Maltodextrin is created from corn, potato, rice, wheat or rye. It is normally just starch that has been broken down into smaller molecules, making it easy to digest. It is a widely used food additive that can enhance the texture and flavor. You need to know which material it comes from before adding it to gluten-free diets. If it comes from corn, potato or rice, it means gluten free. On the other hand, if it comes from wheat or rye, then it is not gluten free.maltodextrin-okchem

Maltodextrin is still a carbohydrate, but healthier as the body absorbs maltodextrin better than conventional carbohydrates. This makes it very suitable for the cure of diabetes. It is also useful in the terms of glycemic index. In the modern food additives industry, maltodextrin is considered as one of the best and most popular dextrin derivatives. It is added into some of the most well-known artificial sweeteners, such as instant puddings, flavored gelatine, etc. Since maltodextrin has natural sweet taste, it is an ideal food additive for adding sweet taste to tea, coffee and other powdered soft drinks.

Nowadays, if you search for “food additives” in search engines, it appears that most topics are about how harmful is food additives. In fact, some of the unnatural food additives are harmful to human health and may have many side effects. But keep in mind that many food additives like maltodextrin are made from natural food source. Although maltodextrin is a processed product, its origins are natural plant which means that it can fit our bodies better than many not so natural sugar substitutes.

Maltodextrin Is Useful for Athletes and Bodybuilders

Have you found maltodextrin in most weight-gain products? Yes, it is one of the main components in weight-gain products. It plays an important role in the enzymatic process which allows individuals to perform better in exercise and bulk up on much needed muscle mass. Without the risk of side effects, maltodextrin is one of the most used natural ingredients for athletes and bodybuilders.

Maltodextrin is a complex carbohydrate that helps individuals perform better and last longer to satisfy the demands of heavily strenuous activities. Maltodextrin supplements are mainly added to beverages to quickly replenish carbohydrate stores that may have been depleted during exercise. It provides 4 kilocalories per gram as we know. It makes maltodextrin a very convenient energy source that supports rapid delivery and absorption of important nutrients by muscle tissues.

The corn starch that is used to produce maltodextrin is initially cooked and makes maltodextrin very easy to digest. The process producing maltodextrin is very much like the process inside the body when digesting carbohydrates. Maltodextrin is not as sweet as dextrose. It is the primary ingredient used in most weight-gain products and is perfect for those who want to gain more mass and weight.

Maltodextrin appears normally in fine white powder which has a bland taste and mixes very well with different types of liquids. The better part of maltodextrin is that it can help improve the ability of protein powders to mix with other liquids. You just need to add some maltodextrin to protein powder with some water, it can provide energy for a long time.


Maltodextrin is a useful and healthy alternative that can be used as a sweetener or thickener without the inherent risks normally connected with some artificial sweeteners. It can also be helpful for bodybuilders and athletes for it can provide enough energy. And as a food additive used in weight-gain products, maltodextrin contains no fat and the excess calories can result in a combination of muscle and fat gain.

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