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What is an organic Compounds?

What is an organic Compounds?2017.09.30

Are there any differences among Organic Compound,Organic Coating, and Inorganic Coating?

The following reference can give you some answers.

Organic compounds:

Organic compounds are mainly composed of carbon and hydrogen. It is a kind of carbon-containing compounds. However, it does not include carbon oxides (carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide), carbonic acid, carbonates, cyanides, thiocyanates, cyanates, metal carbides, or any simple carbon compounds (such as SiC).

Organic Coatings: 

Organic coatings consist of various organic compounds. And almost all of the paint products on the market are the organic coatings. Organic coatings have many benefits such as good decorative results, diversity in product lines and low cost. So, they have a wide range of application.

Organic coating is a non-renewable resource and its main raw materials are coal, oil, natural gas and other resources. It will produce a lot of by-products, volatile solvent and some other monomers during the production process, which will cause environmental pollution and waste a lot of resources and energy.

The basic composition of the Organic coatings are pigments, base materials, liquids and additives. One of the normal pigments is titanium dioxide. Titanium dioxide is used as a white pigment in the organic coating, it has the strongest hiding effect among all white pigments ( rutile titanium dioxide is the best). On OKCHEM.COM, there are some selected Chinese brands of titanium dioxide which can meet your demand.

Inorganic Coating: 

The base material of inorganic coating's is usually drawn directly from nature and it often uses water as the medium, so there are no adverse effects to environment or human health. In addition, inorganic coatings are natural ingredients composed of natural plant rubber powder and water-based mineral fillers and inorganic color pigments. As the new type of eco-wall material, it is not only environmental-friendly, but also has better performance compared to the common product on the aspects of humidifying, odor and aldehyde elimination , noise absorption, self-cleaning, release of negative oxygen ions and others.


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