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Ways To Select Matting Agents

Ways To Select Matting Agents2017.03.16

Matting agents is a kind of outdoor powder coatings of matting resin, which has weather resistance, salt spray resistance, high-temperature-resistant and other properties.

Selecting suitable matting agents is decided by many factors, such as dry film properties and the applications. Besides, in the coating process, it should also take resistance of excessive grinding and the ease of dispersion into consideration. Surely, matting efficiency is the essential factor to selecting suitable matting agent for different coating systems. According to the different characteristics of paints, different properties of matting agent should be chose to math with them.

okchem Matting Agent

OKCHEM suggests selecting matting agents according to specific applied performance requirements:

To achieve an ideal extinction efficiency

1. Larger particle size. The larger the matting agents average particle size, the higher the extinction efficiency. However, large particles might lead to rough paint film surfaces and then affect the texture and appearance.

2. High porosity. If the porosity is high, powder content of per unit weight is high, therefore the extinction performance most likely turn out to be good.

To achieve an ideal transparency

1. Smaller particle size. In the cases of adding equal quantity in formula, if the average particle size of matting agent is smaller, transparency film is better. However, the corresponding matting will decrease. It should be noted that if the fine powder content is too high, it might have a negative impact on the transparency.

2. Surface treatment. Different matting powders surface treatments will affect the surface wetting and dispersion with the base materials, thus they affect the transparency of the paint film. Therefore, matting powder and base materials should be match and adjust to fit with each other. If necessary, it can be improved by adding wetting and dispersing additives. Besides, keep in mind that other factors could also contribute to the poor transparency of film.

To achieve an ideal smooth effect

1. Usually, the feel would be better when the surface is processed by organic flatting agent.

2. Particle size and particle size distribution.

To achieve an ideal suspension

Generally, matting agent will to a certain extent layered and precipitation with the extension of paint storage time. The anti-settling properties with organic treatment products on surface will be better. Adding appropriate anti-settling additives could reduce or avoid the sedimentation.

To achieve an ideal surface scratch resistance and wear resistance

The surface of matting agent with organic treatment, in some degrees, could improve paint film scratch and abrasion resistance. Follow OKCHEM Llinkedin to get more knowledge about matting agents and paint raw materials.

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