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Waterproof agent and building waterproof materials


Waterproof agent a kind of additive added to cement and concrete. It is a certain proportion of concrete, cement and sand to mix with, and each kind of waterproof agent measurement is added different. The specific measurement according to different manufacturers standards. Building materials waterproof agent is used in the waterproof engineering of basement, toilet, reservoir, pond, the tunnel roof, roof, floor, walls and so on.

The performance of traditional asphalt waterproof coating is poor. The ground waterproof has been replaced by sprayed polyurethane foam, polyurethane, acrylic and silicone waterproof and protective coatings. The underground waterproof is replaced by permeable waterproof coating, polyurethane waterproof coating and polymer cement waterproof paint.


The building waterproof project is an important part of the construction project, which is directly related to the service life of the building. Each waterproof material has its own uniqueness and applicability, so how to choose materials is important. Because the waterproof material is one of the main reason to cause the leakage of the building. The building waterproof materials of flexible waterproof materials, such as the emulsion polymer waterproof material of JS composite materials, polyurethane waterproof material, waterproof rubber, etc. These materials are mainly wrapped around the base, and they do not let water exudation and infiltration. These materials have certain elongation and tensile strength. But the only drawback of these materials is they have a certain number of years of waterproof, that is, waterproof life. These materials are widely used in roofing, toilet, joints, water mouth, masonry base etc.

Polyurethane waterproof coating is a kind of building waterproof coating that with the best function and the most wide use one. It is appiled to exterior wall, roof, underground walls, open gallery, eaves, bathroom, storage tank and water tank, etc.

Acrylic waterproof coating has the function of waterproof and decorative, but the water vapor permeability is not good. In order to implement better protection of opposites, silicone resin emulsion can be added to greatly improve the water vapor permeability.

Silicone protective coating used for roofing, and exterior wall uses silicone waterproof coating to provide perfect weather-resistance waterproof, this is also an ideal exterior wall paint. Its performance is far superior to acrylic and fluorocarbon coatings.

Polymer cement waterproof coating has a wide range of applications in the underground waterproof. And permeable waterproof paint reactive crystallization with water and block the pores. It is excellent the underground interior wall waterproofing paint, and it is widely used in the United States, Japan and China. If you have interest to okchem and want to get more information about chemicals raw materials, please follow us!

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