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Uses of sodium benzoate preservative

Uses of sodium benzoate preservative2016.12.27

As one of important food additive, preservatives is widely used in the food industry. Sodium benzoate preservative is generally contained in soy sauce; bread and beans often add preservative Calcium propionate; potassium sorbate is often applied to pickles, jams, condiments and drinks; traditional corrosion of fruit wine uses sulfites. As a result, preservatives is widely used in the food and our daily consumption. But here OKCHEM would like to introduce preservative sodium benzoate.

Sodium benzoate mostly are white particles and easy dissolved in water. It is acid preservatives and has no bactericidal, bacteriostatic effect in alkaline media. Its best anti-corrosion PH is 2.5-4.0, 5% of solution sterilization effect in PH5.0 is not very good.

Because of the large lipophilic, sodium benzoate is easily penetrates the cell membrane into the cell body, so that to interfere permeability of cell membrane and inhibition absorption of membrane to amino acids; it ionization acidification the intracellular alkaline reserve when into the cell body, as well as inhibits the activity of respiratory enzymes of cells and prevents condensation reaction of Acetyl-Coenzyme, then it reaches a purpose of food preservation.

Here are some uses of sodium benzoate:

1 Mainly used as food preservatives, also used for making drugs, dyes, etc.

2 For the pharmaceutical industry and plant genetic research, also used as dye intermediates, disinfectants and preservatives.

3 Preservative; antimicrobial agents.

4 It is an important acid-preservative and can also be used as feed preservatives.

5 The product is used as a food additive preservative, pharmaceutical industry sterilization agent, mordant in dyes industry, plasticizer in plastics industry, also used as intermediates of organic synthesis in culinary herbs.

6 Used as a solvent of serum bilirubin test.

Benzoic acid and sodium benzoate as a preservative is widely used in food processing and preservation. Due to benzoic acid can play a role in the free state, so it performance good in acid foods.

Benzoate is often used in carbonated beverages, sauces, sauce, candied fruit and vegetable drinks, etc. Benzoic acid in soy sauce, beverages can be efficiency when used together with the p-hydroxy benzoic acid esters. Benzoic acid and sodium benzoate is often used to preserve high acid fruits, jams, beverage syrup and other acidic foods. If you have interest in sodium benzoate and other food preservatives, please follow our linkedin page or visit!

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