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Uses of flame retardant TPU

Uses of flame retardant TPU2016.12.21

Wire and cable industry is one of the important application field of TPU thermoplastic elastomers. Most of the industry product applications for TPU flame retardancy have higher requirements, TPU flame retardant will tend to normalize as TPU gradually applied.

At present, flame retardant TPU applied in wire and cable industry most require halogen-free. With the expand application of TPU in cable industry, it can be predicted that the needs of halogen-free flame resistant TPU material will further increase.

Compared to other traditional cable materials, TPU has many advantages. Halogen-free flame retardant is green and compliance with ROHS requirements. It can be processed during 180~220℃. TPU process is the most convenient and energy saving.

flame retardant TPU

TPU combines the characteristics of plastic and rubber, known as the "third generation of synthetic rubber". TPU material can replace PVC and used as insulating materials of wire and cable. presently, it is used in areas of low-temperature, ageing resistance and high-end consumer electronics such as cable, headphone cable, electronic cable, power cable, signal cable.

Thermoplastic polyurethane elastomers (TPU) has a very good mechanical properties, good wear resistance, solvent resistance, high and low temperature resistant properties and so on. It is an ideal wire and cable coating materials.

Flame retardant TPU applies to injection, extrusion and blow plastic forming of General products. This class products need requirements to TPU are high mechanical strength and good forming. Even forming time is long in extrusion forming, the series grades do not appear crystal phenomenon. Its main application including casters, heel, button, pneumatic tube, corrugated tube and other wear-resistant products.

In the construction industry, flame retardant TPU is found in the energy cables construction machines. Its other applications extend to pharmaceuticals, railways, airport equipment, rigs, nuclear power, solar and wind power generators, household goods and other industries.

TPU can be used in harsh environmental conditions, for example, in areas of extreme cold, towing cable and sheathed seismic streamers of industrial robots. Even under very harsh conditions, TPU cables are durable. Compared to other chemicals, properties of TPU is very generic. If you have interest in flame retardant TPU or other flame retardant, please follow okchem linkedin page or visit, thanks!

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