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Use and precautions of PP ink

Use and precautions of PP ink2017.01.06

Requirement of different printing processes for ink is not exactly the same, besides it must add appropriate supplementary components to make them easier to use in specific occasions. For example, the viscosity of offset printing inks is large and the water resistance is good, gravure inks is more dilute, good liquid; screen printing ink need to have good permeability.


The main difference of different printing process uses ink is the ink contains different additives. Characteristics of PP ink: without treatment, wear-resistant up to 6 levels, scratch-free up to 5 levels, alcohol tolerance, solvent, resistance to acid and alkali, good twists, good color matching, good weather resistance, fine and uniform ink for construction, low odor, nontoxic inks, etc.

The applications of PP ink are as follows: rigid PP, treatment of PE material such as stationery folders, medicine bottles, trademark, licensing, solution tanks, helmets, automotive parts, electronic parts, electrical accessories, specialty products, printing of polypropylene materials (PP) or spraying technology, etc.

PP ink applied on surface static, flame treatment or not treatment rigid PP and BOPP material of printing inks. Colour dispersion of PP ink is good, excellent adhesion characteristics, etc. Currently, it mainly used in the industries of plastics industry, packaging, decoration, silk screen printing or pad printing.

Precautions for use:

1 the adaptability of different materials on the ink is different, customers should test printing to determine compliance with requirements

2 ink may yellow and corroded packaging wall after long term storage, but this does not affect printing

3 adjustable gold and silver inks should be use promptly after adjusted, it cannot be stored

4 choose different drying rate of diluent according to the climatic and environmental changes

5 when ink completely dry, the new printing products can be packaged

6 please keep away from ignition source when in storage and use, and save in a dark environment

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