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Use and classification of natural adhesives


By raw materials source, adhesive can be divided into natural adhesives and synthesis adhesives. Characteristics of natural adhesives are:

1. Easy to get raw materials, taken directly from nature;

2. Low price;

3. The production process is simple;

4. Easy to use;

5. Mostly are low toxicity or no toxicity;

6. Degradation does not pollute.

Natural adhesives

Natural adhesives are different from inorganic adhesive. General organic adhesives can withstand the high temperatures usually below 100 ℃. For example, LaTeX is below 60 ℃, epoxy resin is around 100 ℃, phenolic resin is about 220 ℃, while inorganic adhesives can withstand the high temperature of 600-900 degrees.

Natural adhesives can be classified into plant adhesives, animal adhesives and minerals adhesives according to the source of natural substances. Plant adhesives includs gum class, resins, natural rubber, starch and cellulose; soy protein, tannin, lignin and other adhesives made from carbohydrates; animal adhesives include adhesives made from chitin, gelatin, shellac, etc; mineral adhesive includes adhesives made of silicates, phosphates, etc. Classified by the chemical structure, natural adhesives have glucose derivatives, derivatives of amino acids and other natural resins.

Vegetable gum in industrial can be used as thickener of oil well fracturing fluid, flocculant of GEO drilling fluids, catalysts of petroleum refining, processing operations of flocculants and filter aid, paper industrial additives, reinforcements for ceramic industry, new paint for battery manufacturing, binder of building materials and fractory material, thickeners or stabilizers of food industry and so on.

Animal glue is mainly used for industrial adhesive, emulsifier and Emulsion stabilizer, flocculant during mineral processing, paper and sizing agent in the textile industry, plate-making and manufacture of rollers for printing industry, food, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics production. Modern development of micro-capsule technology is new application field of animal glue.

Mineral gel including adhesives made of silicates, phosphates and others. Such as phalt adhesive, wax adhesive, sulfur adhesives, diabase adhesives and so on.

Because of it's abundant, low cost, low toxicity, natural adhesives are widely used in furniture, binding, packaging and artwork process. As its unique advantage of environmental pollution-free, natural adhesives will have good prospects in the adhesive market. If you have interest in adhesives products, please visit https://www.okchem.com to get more!

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