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Types of anti settling agents

Types of anti settling agents2017.02.21

Anti settling agents is a kind of paint rheology control agents. It makes the paints thixotropic, and the viscosity is greatly increased. Anti-settling agents played an important role in modern paints, it has a significant impact on the production, storage, painting and film performances of paint.

At present, the varieties of anti-settling agents has relatively complete and can basically meet the requirements of modern coatings. There are two directions for the development of anti-settling agents technology: improve the performance of existing product to enhance their use in coatings; development of new varieties to meet new demands of modern high performance coatings continually.

OKCHEM has types of anti-settling agents introduced as following:

1 Organic bentonite

Organic bentonite used as anti-settling agents and thickeners in coatings. Its mechanism of preventing precipitation is to change the system of rheological properties, so that it has thixotropic and prevent pigment settling. Depending on the circumstances, the add methods of organic modification bentonite are pre-gel addition and powder direct addition. No matter which method, it should give full play to the thickening effect of organic clay and must be fully activated. Currently, organic bentonite has a wide range of application. Add it to sulfonic vinyl chloride corrosion protective coatings, chlorinated rubber corrosion protective coatings, the results show that the coating good leveling and prolong the settling time of pigment. Organic modification of bentonite as an anti-settling agent applied to the coating can significantly improve the performance of coating, but it has many kinds of anti-settling agents due to its limitations of deep color, poor transparency, easy to produce brush marks and so on.

Polyolefin particles

The swelling and dispersion in non-polar solvents to make into gel. This can be used for coating rheological additives. It plays a role of anti-settling and sagging prevention especially baking sagging. Polyolefin particles can provide excellent pigment suspension without obvious thickening.

Fumed silica

Fumed silica HX-150

Pyrogenic silica is an ideal anti settling agents. Especially for the color system, suitably added will greatly improve the stability of color and can reduce the amount of wetting and dispersing additives. This improves the applicability of pastes and reduce the effects of color paste on coating systems precipitation. More detail and anti-settling agents will be added next time, if you have interest, please visit our website here.

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