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The Best Living Room Paint Colors

The Best Living Room Paint Colors2017.09.30

Looking for the best colors for your family go-to place? Firstly, ask yourself what you need to decorate the space. Imagine when you sit in your couch, how do you want to feel?


Blue is a relaxing color to let ideas floating in people’s mind, so it is a commonly used color for stress relief. However, the downside of it is that blue sometimes let you feel gloomy and cold. If you are worried that it's difficult to get people excited in such a space, you can add contrasting colors, such as orange or Beige, and the space expression will be different immediately. (see below, the nice blue paint colors for living room)


Paint Colors


Natural color is also a very relaxing color. It is also a healing color and always makes people feel a sense of pleasure. (see below, natural living room paint colors with pictures)


living room paint colors


Do you know how the paint colors for living room walls are made?


  • The pigments contribute the paint color. There maybe hundreds of different pigments, both natural and synthetic. The basic white pigment is titanium dioxide, and is selected for its excellent concealing properties. The black pigment is commonly made from carbon black. The other pigments used to make paints include iron oxide and cadmium sulfide for reds, metallic salts for yellows and oranges, and iron blue and chrome yellows for blues and greens. (find more fine pigment products here at

    • The solvents make the paints easier to apply. Solvents are various low viscosity, volatile liquids. They include petroleum mineral spirits and aromatic solvents such as benzol, alcohols, esters, ketones, and acetone. (find more about the solvents here at

      • The resins help paints dry. Resins include synthetic or natural resins such as alkyds, acrylics, vinyl-acrylics, vinyl acetate/ethylene (VAE), polyurethanes, polyesters, melamine resins, epoxy, silanes or siloxanes or oils. (find various resins here at


      • Besides theabove three main categories of ingredients, paint can have a wide variety of miscellaneous additives. The additives serve many purposes. Some of them, such as calcium carbonate and aluminum silicate, are simply fillers that give the paint body and substance without changing its properties. Other additives produce certain desired characteristics in paints, for example, the thixotropic agents give paint its smooth texture, driers, anti-settling agents, anti-skinning agents, defoamers, and a host of others that enable paint to cover well and last long. (find the fillers and other additives here at


      When you consider the paint colors for living room walls, the color of the wall should be coordinated with the furniture and the outdoor environment. After all, the furniture, such as sofa sets and tea tables are relatively more expensive, so when you are choosing the paint colors for the living room walls, often match them with the furniture. If the furniture color is very deep, you can choose some bright paints, otherwise the whole environment will be very dark and appears to be gloomy. If the outdoor is a green belt, when green light scattering into the interior, the light and warm decorative wall, such as pale purple, yellow or pink, will create a sunny-like outdoor atmosphere. If the outdoor is a big red brick or other red reflective walls, the best living room paint colors should be light yellow or light brown, which gives a person a kind of smooth feeling. (see below, the light paint colors for living room)


      paint colors for living room walls



      2017 Top Ten Paint and Coating Companies:

      No. Company Name Country Website Sales in US$
      1 PPG USA 14.3 billion
      2 AkzoNobel Netherland 10.66 billion
      3 Sherwin-Williams USA 7.426 billion*
      4 RPM USA 4.8 billion
      5 Nippon Paint Japan 4.3 billion
      6 Valspar USA 4.2 billion
      7 Axalta Coating Systems USA 4.1 billion
      8 BASF Coatings Germany 3.642 billion
      9 Kansai Japan 2.911 billion
      10 Asian Paints India 2.6 billion

      (Check their websites for the latest living room paint colors.)


      The modern paint colors for living room can be bold. The traditional sense of color matching taboo has long been broken by designers, therefore, "hit color" has become a fashion. Red is the most beautiful color to arouse happiness, but too much of it will easily get people upset. A large area of the peak green with some red, will resolve the conflict of peak green coming up with the red color, and also make the space more vivid.


      modern paint colors


      Many people think that the paint colors on the color card are exactly the same as the color of the wall, but it is a misunderstanding. Because of the light, the reflection and other reasons, after all sides of the room are painted, the color of the wall will look deeper than the color card. Therefore, it is recommended that you choose the paint colors for your living room walls with a slightly lighter color number in the color card. And if you like dark colors, you can tune with the selected color card.


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