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Synthesis adhesives and uses

Synthesis adhesives and uses2017.01.09

From the application structure of adhesive, packaging industry is the largest industry of adhesives application. It is widely distributed in paper products, printed decoration, plastic and other packaging industry. Meanwhile, with the development of adhesives industry, it improves the quality and grade of packaged products and promote the development of the packaging industry.


Synthesis adhesive is composed by main agent and additives. Main agent is called main ingredient, base material or stick material; additives are curing agent, diluted agent, plasticizer, filler, coupling agents, initiator, thickeners, anti-old agent, polymerization inhibitor, stabilizer, complexing agent, emulsion agent and so on. According to requirements and uses, it also can be the components of flame retardant agent, sent bubble agent, elimination bubble agent, coloring agent, antifungal agents, etc.

According to the different raw materials, hot melt adhesives can be divided into EVA hot-melt adhesive, polyamide hot-melt adhesive, polyester hot melt adhesive, polyolefin hot melts, etc. Currently, EVA hot-melt adhesive is the major production and use one. The main raw material of adhesive for polyolefin series is vinyl series, SBS, SIS polymer body.

Synthetic adhesives is mainly used in wood processing, construction, décor, automotive, footwear, packaging, textiles, electronics, printing and binding, and other fields. The main exported synthetic adhesives is formaldehyde poly vinyl acetate, polyethylene acid acetal and pressure-sensitive adhesive.

Polyurethane adhesive can adhesive various materials, it can still keep physical and chemical nature of the material after bonding at low temperature. It mainly used in footwear, packaging, automotive, magnetic recording materials and other fields.

Silicone adhesive is a seal adhesives with cold and heat resistance, aging resistance, waterproof, moisture-proof, retractable high fatigue strength, permanent deformation, nontoxic and so on. In recent years, such adhesives in China is developing rapidly.

Adhesives for wood processing is applied to medium-density fiberboard, gypsum board, plywood and particle board, etc.

Construction adhesives is mainly used in building decoration, sealing or bonding between the structures. With the development of construction industry, high-rise buildings and interior decoration, the consumption of construction adhesive has increased sharply. Building decorative adhesive such as polyvinyl acetate, POLYACRYLIC acid, VAE emulsion can basically meet the need in the domestic.

Due to its variety and different components, here will not explain each adhesive this time. If you have interest in adhesives such as natural adhesives and synthesis adhesives, please follow or visit to get more!

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