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Sugar Free Hard Candy

Sugar Free Hard Candy2017.10.24

When you were in a down mood or feel blue, a piece of candy or a bar of chocolate might cheer you up, but now you may hesitate to toss them into your mouth because you are now more concerned about the impact of the food on your body. With more and more health problems such as cancer, diabetes, and obesity, people are driving the trend towards healthier food and beverages which have lower calories and fats.

However, many people cannot quit sweet food such as candies, chocolates, ice creams and other desserts, and sugar consumption in these sweet-tasting products are positively associated with multiple measures known to increase cardiovascular disease risk among adolescents as well as adults. So, sugar substitutes will be a blessing for these people who love sweet tastes but want low sugar intake.

As described above, it’s not hard to see that sugar free hard candies are candies which do not contain sucrose, common table sugar, but use sugar substitutes instead.

Sugar Free Hard Candy

What sugar substitutes may be used?

A sugar substitute is often a food additive which can provide a sweet taste. There are usually two types of sugar substitutes, some of them are natural sugar substitutes including sorbitol and xylitol which are found in berries, fruit, vegetables and mushrooms,  and the other type is the artificial sweeteners, including sucralose, saccharin, aspartame, etc. Now, the majority of sugar substitutes approved for food use are artificially synthesized compounds. With many times the sweetness of sucrose, the very small amount of the sugar substitutes may achieve the same level of sweetness with lower calories than sugar.

Sugar Free Hard Candy

What benefits do the sugar-free hard candies have?   

  • Sugar free hard candies can assist with weight loss. Compared to the high-energy sugar or syrup, the sweeteners often have little or no calories, so they may be helpful if you want to control the amount of calories you consume. When you want to have some sweet food, the sugar free ones using sweeteners instead may be better choices for your body. 

  • Sugar free hard candies may protect your teeth from decaying. When you are chewing the sugar-containing food, then the sugar may adhere to your tooth, and the bacteria in your mouth may convert the sugar to acids which may decay the tooth. While the sweeteners will not erode the tooth, and some of them even benefit the tooth. The specific example is the xylitol used in the chewing gum, which can prevent the mouth bacteria adhering to the tooth and thus can prevent tooth decay. 

  • Can be taken by diabetic patients. People with diabetes must limit the sugar intake for they have difficulty in regulating the blood glucose. Many artificial sweeteners do not raise the blood sugar level, though some of them may release energy, they can still prevent sudden increase in blood glucose by being slowly metabolized.

Are sugar substitutes safe?

As food additives, sugar substitutes are regulated by the health authorities. Though there is no evidence that sugar substitutes approved for use can cause cancer or other serious health problems, the approved sugar substitutes must be used in moderation. When you consume large amount of the sugar free hard candies, the sugar substitutes in the candies may cause diarrhea.

Where to buy the quality sugar substitutes for the sugar-free hard candies?

China is the major producer of sugar substitutes, and there are many quality suppliers in the country. OKCHEM, as the professional B2B platform for chemicals, has set up cooperation relationships with the top-level suppliers in China. On OKCHEM, you can not only find any sugar substitutes you need, but also get the real-time quotations for these food additives.

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