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Sucralose uses as a sweetener

Sucralose uses as a sweetener2016.12.09

Sucralose is white powder and can dissolve easily in water, ethanol and methanol. It is about 600 times as sweet as sugar and tastes like sugar. Sucralose will not be regarded as a carbohydrate by the body. It has extremely low chances of absorption by the body. Therefore, sucralose does not provide any energy and is also suitable for people with diabetes to eat.


After a safety assessment, Health Canada's Food Directorate consider sucralose as a sweetener food additive for supplemental soup has no food safety risk. It is already permitted for use in Canada as a sweetener in a wide variety of foods at various maximum levels of use. On October 6, 2016, the publication of the European Commission (EU) 2016/1776 regulations, amending European Parliament and Council Regulation (EC) No 1333/2008, annex II, allowing sucralose (E 955) add to sugars or polyols as flavor enhancers used in chewing gum. The maximum limit for use is 1200mg/kg.

Compared with other sweeteners, it has many incomparable advantages:

• High sweetness, 600-650 times as sweet as sugar

• Pure taste, no smell or bitter taste, sweet curves almost overlap with sucrose, which is unmatched by any other sweetener.

• Absolute security, ADI is 15mg/kg, no safety and toxicological problem.

• Extremely low heat value, do not cause obesity, people with diabetes, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases patients and the elderly can eat it.

• Does not cause blood sugar fluctuations, and for people with diabetes to eat.

• Do not cause dental cavities.

• Has good solubility and stability, acid and alkali resistance, high temperature resistance, long shelf life. From acidic to neutral food, it has a dilution effect to sour and salty; It has a masking effects on the astringent, bitter, alcohol, and other unpleasant taste; it is synergies for chili, milk flavor; etc.

As a result, this product is the most ideal sweetener available for children, adolescents, youth, middle age, old age and patients with various diseases. There is no nutrition questions. If you have interest to sucralose and other food additives, please follow us Linkedin Page or visit to get more, hope this can help you, thanks!

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