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Soy sauce powder uses in food industry

Soy sauce powder uses in food industry2016.12.08

Soy sauce powder is also known as powdered soy sauce. It is a brown colored solid powder based on fresh soy sauce as the basic raw material, also add other auxiliary materials. Through the processes of flavor blending, color matching, freshness adjustment and spray drying to be produced into a solid soy sauce.

It retains the maximum normal fermentation aromas of fermentation itself and overcome the ordinary smell of soy sauce and the smell of oxidation.Its good reconstitution property, rich flavor, attractive color, remarkable effect for seasoning and easy for shipping lead the Soy Sauce Powder to be applied to different areas for seasoning food manufacture.

There are some advantages of soy sauce powder:

1 It has a strong sense of extended and substitute MSG, meat extract powder, meat powder, partial substitution I+G and yeast extract.

2 Good rehydration Performance.

3 Easy to use, no restrictions on use and can mix use with other products. It has meat flavor and rich, delicious taste.

The Package of soy sauce powder in OKCHEM is 5kg×4bags per bag (Paper-plastic bag), and it should store in a cool, dark and dry place.

As to applications, here are some introduction about this seasoning:

It can be mix up with other food material or add other material directly or by sprinkle when in puffed food, vegetable and snack, then it tastes refreshing and delicious, pleasant roasted notes and natural taste;

When used as instant food seasoning, such as noodles, porridge, instant noodles, it can be used after mixing up with other seasoning. This makes food fragrance more rich and nice natural mellow taste, good flavor and taste;

Add it directly to essence of chicken and beef Chicken liquid and chicken powder to remove odors and add aroma;

Mix up with other seasoning and then sprinkle to gain natural tastes;

About meat products, aquatic products and pickles products, add it directly when stir or mix up with other seasoning or add it after mixing up with other seasoning;

This makes cooked food has mellow taste and remove odors, as well as have specific smelling of sauce and a traditional tastes. It is mellow and delicate in flavor, fresh and sweet in aftertaste. If you have interest to soy sauce powder and other food additives and food ingredients, please follow us Linkedin Page or visit to get more, hope this can help you, thanks!

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