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Softener for textile industry

Softener for textile industry2016.10.27

Softener for the textile industry can be used as textile auxiliaries. They can change the touch feel of textiles, they give a more comfortable sense of touch. At the same time, they also have other roles. For example, when the loose fiber dyeing, it makes the fiber spinning and weaving process smoothly after the application. this actually linked to the soft composition of various other properties such as eliminating static electricity, absorbs water and so on.

Softener for textile industry

Here are some requirements about softener:

1 It has excellent softness, smoothness, fluffy.

2 Has little effect on the whiteness and dyeing fastness of the fiber or fabric.

3 During the various processing conditions (impregnation, padding, changes in temperature, PH, etc), the working fluid requires a reasonably stability.

4 It is not suitable for heat discoloration after softening finishing of fibers or fabrics. It should not have colour, odour and texture changes during storage.

5 If the softener is emulsion, the emulsion stability requires good.

6 According to different requirements, it has appropriate absorption capacity, water repellent, anti-static properties, etc.

7 There is no adverse effects after skin contact, it meets the requirements of environmental protection.

Soft finish is an important finishing processes of dyeing and printing process. During textile processing, it may become rough after processing many times. Generally, synthetic fabrics less good, especially the microfiber fabric. In order to make the fabric has a soft, smooth, comfortable feel, it needs to finishing it, so softener for finishing is widely used.

In addition, there are heavy use of softeners in the process of various chemical fiber spinning, fiber spinning, weaving and so on. That is because speed and low bath ratio of heavy use in the textile processing, this increases friction between the fabrics, and friction between fabric and device. Use softener to make the fiber itself is commensurate with the condition of soft and smooth to avoid injury. As a result, fabric softener is one of the most important Textile auxiliaries.

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