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Sodium hexameta phosphate (SHMP) in many field

Sodium hexameta phosphate (SHMP) in many field2016.12.13

Sodium hexameta phosphate (SHMP) is widely used in paper production, textile, dyeing, petroleum, chemistry, metallurgy and construction materials etc, as water softener, flotation selecting agent, disperser and high temperature adhesive; In food industry it used as an additive, nourishing agent, quality improver, PH regulator, metal ions chelating agent, adhesive and levening agent etc.

Sodium salt is the largest production and most consumption products in fine phosphorus chemical products, and sodium hexameta phosphate is the market largest use amount of function of phosphate.

It is white powder, soluble in water but insoluble in organic solvent; It may form soluble chelates with ions of Ca, Ba, Mg, Cu, Fe etc. and is a good water treatment chemical.

In the food industry, sodium hexameta phosphate used as food quality improver, pH regulator, metal ions chelating agent, adhesive agent and expansive agent. Sodium hexameta phosphate for meat, fish intestinal and ham can improve holding water, increase knot and prevent fat oxidation; when for soy sauce it can prevent color, increase sticky, shorten fermentation period and regulation taste; it can improve out juice rate and viscosity, inhibit vitamin c decomposition when used in fruit beverage and cool beverage; this also improve expansion capacity, increases volume, enhance emulsion role and prevent cream body damage for ice cream; it prevent dairy products and beverage from gel precipitation; add it to beer can clarify wine, prevent pollution; as for beans, canned fruits and vegetables, it stabilize natural pigment and keep food color; it improves corrosion resistance when sprayed on the pickled meat.

Application in mineral processing and oil industry, sodium hexameta phosphate is a commonly used inhibitors of flotation. It mainly used to inhibit silica and silicate minerals, and carbonate minerals such as calcite, limestone. In addition, sodium hexameta phosphate also play the role of dispersant in flotation. In the nickel ore flotation process, after hauling mud cover on the surface of pentlandite, this is very negative to the flotation process. So, add a certain amount of this product is very favorable to pentlandite flotation recovery. Because the add of sodium hexametaphosphate makes flotation pulp disperse and reduce the surface covering of the serpentine in pentlandite.

In the oil industry, it as a drilling mud additives can avoid polyvalent metal ions precipitate, improve the ability of mud salt resistance and reduce mud water loss.

Hexametaphosphate applied to fiber industry can inhibit the generation of metal SOAP in the refining process; prevent the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide in the bleaching process; it can prevent color changes in dyeing; in paper making, the mix of sodium hexametaphosphate and sulfonation of benzene formaldehyde can be used to steel paper coating dispersant; etc. If you have interest to sodium hexameta phosphate (SHMP) and other food additives, please follow us Linkedin Page or visit to get more, hope this is helpful to you, thanks!

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