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Sodium benzoate food grade in food

Sodium benzoate food grade in food2016.10.11

Sodium benzoate (E211) belongs to the acidic preservative. It is commonly used as a food preservative to prevent food from turn sour, and it is widely used in countries all over the world. Sodium benzoate mostly are white particles, easily soluble in water, PH in 8 around; it is acid preservatives, its best anti-corrosion PH is 2.5-4.0, 5% of solution sterilization effect also not is very good under PH5.0.

The of sodium benzoate lipophilic is large, it's easily penetrates the cell membrane into the cell body to interfere the permeability of cell membrane and inhibite the absorption of the cell membrane to amino acids; into the cell body ionization acidification of intracellular alkaline reserve, and inhibit the activity of respiratory enzymes and prevents condensation reaction of Acetyl-Coenzyme A, which reach the purpose of food preservation.

It plays a role of food preservatives in food industry, for soy sauce, vinegar, low salt pickles, juice, jam, wine, canned food, soda, beverage syrup, tobacco, etc. In pharmaceutical industry, it used for the preparation of annaka sedatives and Chinese medicine pill syrup of anti-corrosion. Also it is for anti-corrosion and mold of rust paper, latex paint, glue and fabric. Besides, it also used as mordant of manufacturing dye industrial, plastic industrial of plasticizer and as spice industrial of raw materials.

As one of important food additive, preservatives are widely used in the food industry. Soy sauce contains the preservative sodium benzoate, bread and bean often add preservative Calcium propionate, pickles, jams, condiments and drinks often add potassium sorbate, wine fruit wine with sulfites on the corrosion of traditional and so on. Therefore, food preservatives are widely present in our daily consumption. Now foods are basically add the preservatives, as long as you buy from regular manufacturers, brand-name, such as okchem, it should be no problem and will not do harm to human body. Because States have strict requirements on such product.

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