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Rutile Titanium Dioxide Price in December

Rutile Titanium Dioxide Price in December2017.12.15


Market Analysis


On December 1, 2017, the Chinese leading Tio2 enterprise LomonBillions announced that from December 1st, the sales price of sulfate-processed titanium dioxide was raised 500 yuan per ton to Chinese domestic customers, and 100 dollars per ton to international customers. According to ChemBnB, the number of areas required for limited production in China is increasing in this month. For example, titanium dioxide manufacturers in Panzhihua, Sichuan Province were asked to limit their production by 30% on 9-10 December.


Rutile Titanium Dioxide R-818/R-838 OKCHEM



Regional Demand For Titanium Dioxide


The regional demand for titanium dioxide is closely related to the position of the industrial center. Therefore, the consumption market of titanium dioxide in China accounts for about 1/3 of the world (34%), and the production of titanium dioxide in China accounts for about 2/3 of the world. Europe (19.5%) and North America (15.9%) were ranked second and third respectively.



Future Market Forecast


With the rapid growth of titanium dioxide demand, the production capacity and output has increased rapidly, and the concentration is also obviously improved, export ratio increased year by year, China has become a big country of production and consumption of titanium dioxide. China's titanium dioxide industry has become the main component of the world titanium dioxide.



Titanium Dioxide Uses


Titanium dioxide can be applied to many industries. However, unlike the pigment industry, about 55% of the titanium dioxide is used for coatings, followed by plastic (25%) and paper (9%) industries. What's more, Tio2 can also be found in cosmetics, toothpaste, sunscreen lotion and printing ink.


The rising demand of foreign emerging markets and the increasing quality of Chinese domestic tio2 products have become the main cause of the increasing export volume.



Price Trend


Chinese environmental protection policy affect the actual start-up load of titanium dioxide; raw and auxiliary materials is expected to be tightened, and the increasing cost. It is expected that the overall trend of titanium dioxide price will rise in the next year.


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About ChemBnB


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