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Propylene glycol in coatings and cosmetics


Propylene glycol in the pharmaceutical industry used to dissolve many drugs such as sulfa drugs, local anesthetics, vitamin d, vitamin a, chloramphenicol and many essential oils. For its very nature basically identical to the glycerol, but its viscosity, toxicity and irritation is smaller than glycerol. A certain proportion of propylene glycol and water mixture can slow the hydrolysis of certain drugs and increase its stability.

Before using propylene glycol, it should distinguish whether it is industrial grade or not. Because of its low freezing point, it can any mix of propylene glycol and water. This can greatly lower the freezing point of paint overall, as well as enhances the frost resistance of coatings. As a result, it often used as antifreeze in coatings. It can make the coatings not freezing at 0 degrees. Because of the good compatibility with water and other solvents and high boiling point, propylene glycol is easier to achieve balance in water-borne paint system. At the same time, it can also provide liquidity and slower drying of the coating.

Propylene glycol is an important raw material of epoxy resin, unsaturated polyester and polyurethane resin. The amount of about 45% of total consumption of propylene glycol. Large numbers of these unsaturated polyester is used in surface coatings and reinforced plastics.

Due to the PG and spices has better solubility, thus it also used as solvents and softeners for cosmetics and so on. Propylene glycol is a very safe cosmetic raw material, but it often misunderstood that it has stimulus. Actually, its irritating feeling caused by the purity of raw materials. If using low purity PG, the impurities will cause irritation to the skin.

PG is mainly used for the production of paints and unsaturated polyester resins (UPR). Besides, it used as an antifreeze to replace ethylene glycol for antifreeze aircraft and as cooling agents in foods. In addition, there are also a large number of propylene glycol used in the production of plasticizers and hydraulic brake fluids. It can also be used for non-ionic detergent and in pharmaceuticals, pet food, cosmetics.

The main applications of PG stearate are as follows. It used for the manufacture of cosmetics cream in daily chemical industry. This to make cream increase lubricity, smooth and stable and has a moisturizing effect, such as lipsticks. More details, please follow linkedin OKCHEM here!

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