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Powder materials of cosmetics raw material

Powder materials of cosmetics raw material2016.11.01

Cosmetics based on natural, synthetic or extracted from the various effects of different substances as raw materials, the chemical mixtures processed by heating, mixing procedures, emulsifying and so on. The cosmetic raw materials with a wide variety and different properties. According to the properties and uses, cosmetics raw material can be roughly divided into matrix raw materials and auxiliary materials.

The former is a main raw material for cosmetics, which occupies a larger proportion in cosmetic formulations. It plays a major role in the cosmetic. Latter plays a role in forming, stable and giving the color, aroma, and other characteristics of cosmetics. The dosage of these substances in cosmetic formulations is small, but they are extremely important. Different materials have different properties and uses, it can produce different levels of brand of cosmetic raw materials by the difference of the material structure and the performance.

Powder materials of cosmetics raw material

Here is about powder materials of cosmetics raw material. Inorganic powder used in cosmetics raw materials are talc, kaolin, bentonite, calcium carbonate, magnesium carbonate, titanium dioxide, Octyl chalk, Diatomite, and so on.

1 Talc

Talcum powder is a natural silicate composed mainly of magnesium silicate containing water. The characteristics are color white, smooth, soft, without any chemical reactions on the skin. It primarily used as important raw materials of face powder, pressed powder, rouge and other powder makeup.

2 Kaolin

Kaolin is also called white clay. Its main components for containing water silicate aluminum. It is white or light yellow fine powder, good adhesion performance on skin. It inhibits sebum and the sucking Khan of performance. It eases and eliminates the gloss of talcum powder when using with talcum powder in cosmetic.

3 Bentonite

It is mainly used for LaTeX products such as suspensions and pressed powders in cosmetic.

4 Titanium Dioxide

Odorless, tasteless, white, amorphous fine powder particles, it has strong covering power and low UV transmittance. Therefore, it applied to sunscreen, as well as important powder type cosmetic cover agent such as eye shadow, powder, face powder, pressed powder, blush, etc.

5 Silicon Powder

PMS 310 is ball-shaped poly methyl silicone half-siloxane silicone powder, its average diameter is 3-10 microns. The silicone powder is made by special technology. It has the advantages of organic and inorganic powders, with a smooth and silky skin feel and excellent water resistance. It is different from the chilled feeling of inorganic mineral powder, its silicone properties makes the touch soft, flexible, smooth as silk. Organic powder materials are zinc stearate, magnesium stearate, polystyrene, polyethylene powder, etc. It mainly used as adsorption agents in powder cosmetics of talcum powder, face powder, pressed powder, blush and so on. If you have interest, please follow OKCHEM linkedin page to get more, thanks!

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