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Pigments used in coatings

Pigments used in coatings2016.10.17

Pigments are the main raw materials in coatings and often give coatings certain colors. Mostly, they are inorganic pigments used in coatings, and titanium dioxide ranks first, followed by red iron oxide, chrome yellow, Lithopone and other varieties. There are also part of good weather resistance varieties of organic pigments in coatings, particularly the red and blue pigments.

According to the latest analysis report of the market research, the market size of iron oxide pigment is about $ 1.83 billion in global in 2015. The demand of construction, coatings and plastics industries are driving iron oxide pigment manufacturers continue to increase investment in this area.

Pigments used in coatings

Building coatings requires alkali-resistant, water resistant, moisture-proof and have good adhesion on the grassroots of either rough or smooth surfaces. Pigments to building coatings are also requires to have the features listed above. Outdoor buildings coatings also should have good weatherability. The variety of white pigment is mainly titanium dioxide.

With many Chinese industries, such as construction, automotive, aerospace, shipbuilding, bridge construction rapid development. This has led the market demand to pigments and coating products. On one hand, consumers to color aesthetics promotes the development of paint and coating products, such as the cars appearance of bright and colorful, mobile phone coatings, etc; on the other hand, the promote of awareness of environmental protection enhance the demand for environmentally friendly products such as water soluble paints and pigments.

Take car manufacturing and construction as an example. In recent years, their requirements to color brightness, durability and environmental protection of paints and coatings constantly improve. The application proportion of organic pigments in paints industrial constantly rose. Currently, it is about accounted for 26% in coloring pigment using of coatings. In recent years, with the quickly development of China coatings industrial, new type coatings constantly developped, high-end coating varieties occupies of proportion increases. The needs to organic pigment growth is quickly. Its varieties and performance proposed has more and more high requirements, this provides good opportunities to organic pigment industrial development.

The difference of relative density of some pigments is too large. It often appears layer in the paints or appears floating in the film. It solved by adjusting the volume concentration (PVC) or adding surfactant. some are inappropriate to mix for they react easily. Such as poor alkali-resistant pigments should not be mixed with alkaline pigments; pigment containing lead should not be mixed with sulfur-containing pigment. More details or information about chemicals, please follow us here!

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