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An Overview of China HF Market & Top 15 Manufacturers of Hydrofluoric Acid


Downstream Refrigeration Industry Stable – China HF Market May Slightly Flourish (June 15)

According to sources, the attitude of hydrofluoric acid market is quite positive in the last week and price is up slightly. The overall operation rate is low, the price of HF in the last weekend was ¥6530 ($1002) per metric ton, which is 0.62 percent higher compared to the beginning of the last week, and 1.78 percent lower than the same time period of last year.Hydrofluoric acid

In the last week, the HF market was rising slightly as the previous weeks. Influenced by G20 summit, the environmental supervision is getting tense. Most of the HF producers have lowered the operation rate because the gypsum residue waste generated by the HF production process is very hard to deal with, and it occupies much space. Currently, the price of HF in Zhejiang district is ¥6700-7000 ($1028-1074) per metric ton, and the price of HF in Jiangsu district is ¥6800-7200 ($1043-1104) per metric ton. The inventories of producers are relatively low now.

Supply Chain of China HF Market

Influenced by the enhanced environmental supervision, low operation rate and tight supply, the upstream fluorspar powder market went up slightly in the last week. Recently, the fluorspar powder market is raising generally, the price of 97 percent fluorspar powder is above ¥1500 ($230) per metric ton. However, the prices of fluorite block and fluorite particles are stable to firm, prices may recover due to the long term consumption.

The domestic sulphuric acid market was still in low position last week. Some major producers of sulphuric acid run in low operation rate because the products are sufficient in the market. The suppliers sell their inventories mostly by contracts, and very few separated orders. The downstream cryogen R22 market is stable with slightly tight supply.

In conclusion, the supply of HF is relatively tight recently, and the downstream cryogen market is stable. An analyst thinks that the HF market may continue to rise slightly, domestic price of HF will keep in ¥6500-7000 ($997-1074) per metric ton.


Top 15 Manufacturers of Hydrofluoric Acid in China (Export Volume & Amount)

RankExport Volume (Metric Ton)
ManufacturerYear of 2015Market Share
1Xingqing International51,50022.8%
2Fubao Tengda19,9508.8%
3Zhejiang Sanmei19,5908.7%
4Zhejiang Senmei19,1958.5%
5Shaowu Huaxin12,7805.7%
6Jiangxin Tianxing12,2955.4%
7Shaowu Yongfei11,4125.0%
8Jiangxi Yingguang9,9774.4%
9Jiangxi Yingpeng9,8444.4%
10Jiangxi Datang8,1183.6%
11Huaxing Fluorine Chemistry7,0263.1%
12Xuancheng Hengyuan6,7353.0%
13Lansu Fluorine Chemistry6,5612.9%
14Quzhou Nangaofeng4,5542.0%
15Fujian Longfu4,3501.5%


RankExport Amount (US Dollar)
ManufacturerYear of 2015Market Share
1Xingqing International57,91123.0%
2Zhejiang Senmei24,0679.5%
3Fubao Tengda18,2417.2%
4Zhejiang Sanmei18,1847.2%
5Jiangxi Datang17,1146.8%
6Jiangxin Tianxing14,2525.7%
7Shaowu Huaxin13,7485.4%
8Shaowu Yongfei13,0575.2%
9Jiangxi Yingpeng11,1804.4%
10Jiangxi Yingguang10,3824.1%
11Xuancheng Hengyuan8,3413.3%
12Lansu Fluorine Chemistry7,5033.0%
13Huaxing Fluorine Chemistry6,5872.6%
14Quzhou Nangaofeng4,5551.8%
15Fujian Longfu4,4001.7%


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