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Outdoor glow in the dark paint

Outdoor glow in the dark paint2017.09.30

There is an increase in the demand for luminous paints. Phosphorescent paint is mainly used for construction, decoration, advertising, traffic signs, and artificial landscapes. It can also be used as luminous signs in special occasions of hotels and shopping malls. What’s more, it can also be used for low emergency lighting as outdoor glow in the dark paint.


outdoor glow in the dark paint


Glow in the dark paint is professionally called phosphorescent paint, which is a kind of luminous paint. Glow in the dark paint absorbs light energy in the presence of sunlight, light, and visible light, while under dark conditions the absorbed energy is emitted as a distinctive phosphorescent glow. After being exposed to visible light by 10-20 minutes, it can continuously glow in the dark about 12 hours.


Glow in the dark paint is easy to make. Glow in the dark paint is made from phosphors (glow powder) such as silver-activated zinc sulfide or doped strontium aluminate, and typically glows a pale green to greenish-blue color. ZnS luminous material is the mainstream of the market. Glow in the dark paint tends to be a bit thick and can be chunky, making it difficult to apply.


Glow powder can be mixed with various substances, including paint, to make the paint glow in the dark. Paint should be clear so that color pigment particles don’t interfere with the glow.  Clear acrylic latex paints, polyurethane, solvents and resins are some of the best mediums.


A colored medium can be a problem in practice. Glow in the dark powder must be able to be charged by the light and able to emit it back. A colored medium will coat the glow in the dark powder and severely restrict its ability to charge and emit. In this situation, the best medium for paint is a clear gloss acrylic gel.


Thermosetting resins are commonly used in outdoor glow in the dark paint as paint medium, especially acrylic resin. Thermosetting acrylic resin provides excellent resistance to organic solvents, moisture and UV light and do not soften appreciably when exposed to moderately high temperatures, which plays vital role in outdoor glow in the dark paint. You can also find thermosetting acrylic resin in OKCHEM.


Glow in the dark paint even can be made at home. It is possible to purchase glow powders which can be blended into paints and bases to create glow-in-the-dark products as needed.

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