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Organic phosphorus flame retardants

Organic phosphorus flame retardants2016.12.01

Organic phosphorus flame retardants are the most important organic flame retardant agent in flame retardant agent. They have many varieties, use wide, it can both flame retardant and plasticized. It can makes flame retardant completely achieved halogen free, improve liquidity in plastic forming and inhibit residues after burning. The produced toxicity gas and corrosive gases is less than halogen flame retardant.

Can organophosphorus flame retardants be successfully used in flame retardant polymers or not, this mainly depending on their thermal stability, as well as compatibility, oozy and processing with polymer, and its effect on some of the key performance of flame retardant material, etc. Organophosphorus flame retardants are mainly phosphoric acid ester, phosphite, heterocyclic, etc, suitable for PP, PE and other polyolefin plastics. In addition, organic phosphorus flame retardants primarily through the condensed phase play a role in flame retardant.


The flame retardant mechanism of phosphorus flame retardant is similar to red phosphorus. Phosphorus-containing compounds when heated to decomposition products have very strong dehydrating effect, covering surface of the base material, playing a role in carbonized, forming dense carbon layer, and the carbon layer has a good effect on flame retardant.

Because phosphoric acid ester of organophosphorus flame retardants have good compatibility with the base material. The products have both fire-retardant and plasticized dual role, so they are widely used in organophosphorus flame retardants. Organophosphorus flame retardants mostly are liquids. Due to the shortcomings of volatility, liquidity, and large amount of smoke, poor thermal stability, making its application subject to certain restrictions. To overcome these drawbacks, by means of polycondensation reaction to produce high molecular weight organic phosphorus flame retardants, this can effectively reduce its volatility.

BDP and RDP is the development of novel organic phosphorus flame retardant halogen-free. Compared with the traditional organophosphorus flame retardants, they have a big molecular weight, high thermal stability, low volatility and efficiency higher characteristic. If you have interest, please follow us at OKCHEM Linkedin Page or visit, thanks!

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