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OKCHEM met with Russian Government Partner

OKCHEM met with Russian Government Partner2018.09.06

OKCHEM Russian Team visited Chemical Techno-economic Research Studies Institute (ОАО «НИИТЭХИМ») last week. As an over-than-30-year partner to the Russian Federal Government, this institute will help us get a better understanding about the Russian chemical market and provide the most professional services for OKCHEM localization in Russia.

Established in 1958, Chemical Techno-economic Research Studies Institute was a part of government. Though it is an open joint-stock company now, it still works for all levels of governments in Russia. The institute has been engaged in providing marketing information, analyzing and forecasting the strategic direction of domestic chemical industry development, and providing governments and enterprises with the technology information, feasibility study report and forecast evaluation for many years. It also makes business plans and strategies, organizes industry conferences and seminars, provides chemical business listings, etc. Besides, Chemical Techno-economic Research Studies Institute has cooperated with Expocenter for 50 years in organizing KHIMIA, and OKCHEM will also attend this exhibition at booth 22B72 from October 29th to November 1st.

Moreover, the institute also has been publishing Chemical Industry Herald bimonthly since 1997. In this visit, Vladimir Alexandrovich Yudanov, the chief editor of the magazine, made a detailed introduction about the Chemical Industry Herald to our OKCHEM team. The articles of the journal cover statistical data in the field of chemistry, the prices of chemical products in Russia, and the status of Russian chemical industry, including production capacity, supply & demand status and export & import analysis. There are about 3,000 subscribers for this journal, varying from governmental agencies to world famous companies such as BASF, Dow, and so on.

OKCHEM Russian team also shared with Vladimir Alexandrovich Yudanov about our developing strength, he showed great interests in OKCHEM services and said they would be very glad to provide support to OKCHEM in Russia and also expected OKCHEM to bring more business opportunities to the institute.

With so many visits and cooperation to the associations and business partners in the local market, OKCHEM has got to known by the Russian chemical industry. We believe that with our continuous efforts we will better connect the chemical buyers and suppliers in the Russia and China, and consistently create value for the chemical trade between the two countries.


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