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Non-cured rubber waterproof coating

Non-cured rubber waterproof coating2016.11.10

Nowadays, more and more consumers pay attention to environmental protection and health, especially the indoor air pollution. "Green" coating that is a new concept, a concept of integrated environmental protection.

With the improvement requirements of building quality at home and abroad, waterproof coating that can make buildings durable waterproofing and easy maintenance after waterproofing construction has been accepted and recognized. Non-curable rubber waterproof coating are being widely used for various construction projects in the country in recent years, as it has a lasting bond, elongation of large scale, excellent anti-aging properties.

Non-cured rubber waterproof coating

The most basic requirement of the waterproof coating is bond strength, whether the bond with foundation or cross stick with other materials. Factors that influence the adhesion of non-curable rubber waterproof coating are low-temperature, oil isolation movements and the material itself bonding properties.Due to the non-cured rubber waterproof coating materials include asphalt material and asphalt crack at low temperatures, so producers must modify asphalt. If the formula is not reasonable, properties of the low temperature resistance will be reduced. Once there has gravity at low temperature conditions, it will break powder, waterproof function is immediately invalidated.

The bond base material of non-curing rubber waterproof coating are cement surface and the other volume material. Whether cement surface or volume material, they cannot contact oil or mineral oil. Especially cement surface, cement, once contact oil class, this oil will penetration to the inside of cement, then damage the inside molecular structure. This led to cement base material early degradation powder, reduce cement strength. Meanwhile, water penetration through cement and contact with steel makes steel easy rust.

Oil substances after migration, resulting in non-curable rubber waterproof coating to harden and lose stickiness. Oil substances under the climatic environment is easy to migrate the segregation, it is recommended that any oil matter is not added when production non-curing. If you have interest, follow our linkedin page here, thanks!

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