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News of Chinese Phosphate Ore Market (November 8, 2017)


Chinese phosphorus ore market OKCHEM


Recently, the price of Chinese phosphate ore increased substantially, the overall increase of price was 30-60 yuan/ton according to the current main factory quotation of 30% grade phosphate ore and 32% grade phosphate ore, both origined Guizhou province, the overall price increase of Yunnan province origined ore was 10-30 yuan/ton.

Started from November, the Chinese phosphorus ore market was stable and then rising. Factors affecting the upward trend of the phosphate ore market in November are as follows:


1. Demand

In October, the downstream of the yellow phosphorus market had a sharp rise of about 40%, which made the operating rate of yellow phosphorus reached about 60%. The recovery of yellow phosphorus has been increased since November: the operating rate reached 90%, the demand for upstream phosphorus ore is increasing, and the downstream dealers have strong desire to store goods, so the demand for phosphate ores is strong.


2. Supply

The limited mining of upstream ore led to a decline in the operating rate of phosphate ore producers, tight shipment and insufficient supply. The market price is looking rise, and the specific market trends also depend on downstream demand and market supply.

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