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Monthly Overview of China Titanium Dioxide Market (August 1- August 31)

Monthly Overview of China Titanium Dioxide Market (August 1- August 31)2016.09.01

In the beginning of this month, Sichuan Lomon announced a price rise of rutile titanium dioxide products at ¥500/tonne for domestic customers, ¥300/tonne for resellers, $50/tonne for foreign customers effective immediately. This price increase trend was followed by more than 20 TiO2 producers including Billions, Ningbo Xinfu, Jinpu Titanium, Annada, and some producers of anatase titanium dioxide.China TiO2 market

Influenced by the strict environment inspection and the launch of G20 Summit, the operation rate of domestic titanium dioxide market this month has decreased obviously. In the meantime, the high price level of the raw materials and the tight spot supply pushed most TiO2 producers to sell inventories at higher prices.

Shandong Doguide even raised the prices of titanium dioxide twice in the last month, which led the tenth price hike for the domestic titanium dioxide market since the beginning of 2016. However, due to the weak domestic demand, most producers have not followed up the price rise, but to positively settle down the price rise that was made several months earlier. OKCHEM believes that although most producers are eager to follow up the price rise trend, they will make further movements at the beginning of September.

The main contract prices of rutile titanium dioxide this month are raised up to CNY11800-13500/tonne ($1810-2071). But for anatase titanium dioxide, the main contract prices are kept at CNY 8800-9800/tonne ($1350-1503) with a lower power in price execution and bigger selling pressure due to the lack of export advantages and decreasing domestic demands.

In the second half of this month, some major producers of TiO2 such as Tronox, and Cristal, raised their titanium dioxide prices that have given advantages to China titanium dioxide market. The market is more confident on the global titanium dioxide market for the coming September. Most producers are enthusiastic about the future of domestic TiO2 market, which supports the former raised prices being settled down fluently.


Top 15 Titanium Dioxide Manufacturers from China (Output of August 2016)

Manufacturers Capacity (Tonne) Operation Status Output of Aug. (Tonne)
Lomon 350,000 Normal 28,000
Billions 260,000 Full 15,000
CNNC 300,000 Normal 19,000
Doguide 160,000 Normal 10,000
Bluestar 140,000 Decreased 7,000
Jinmao 100,000 Normal 6,000
Dawn 90,000 Normal 9,000
Xinfu 120,000 Normal 4,000
Pangang 160,000 Normal 10,000
Yunnan Dahutong 120,000 Normal 4,000
Jinpu 140,000 Normal 4,000
Annada 120,000 Normal 4,000
Jinhai 80,000 Normal 7,000
Panzhihua Taihai 80,000 Recovered 6,000
Huiyun 55,000 Half Stopped 2,500
Total 2,275,000 87% 135,500

*The manufacturers are ranked by the total TiO2 output of 2015.


If you are interested in the precise stats of China titanium dioxide trading activities in 2016, please follow our Linkedin Page or contact us directly!


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