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Many uses of food grade SAPP

Many uses of food grade SAPP2016.09.13

Food grade SAPP as fast fermentation agent, quality improver, leavening agent, buffering agent, chelating agent, complex agent and adhesive in food processing. For bread, pastries and other acidic ingredients of synthetic leavening agent, the production of CO2 costs a long time.

This is suitable for less water content of the baked food. It can be used for cheese, luncheon meat, ham, meat and aquatic products processing, water retaining agent for aquatic product processing and water recovery agent for instant noodles when combined with other phosphate. In food processing, it generally add 0.5-3%, the largest amount is 1% in the processing of aquatic products.

SAPP are white powders or white particles, relative density is 1.86. It is soluble in water but insoluble in ethanol. It hydrolyzed into phosphoric acid when aqueous solution and dilute inorganic acid heating. It has moisture absorption. It forms six crystalline hydrate after water absorption. Decomposition and formation of sodium phosphate when heated to above 220℃.

It can control the fermentation speed and increase the intensity of production when add food grade SAPP to the barbecue food. Sodium acid pyrophosphate acid used for bread and pastries synthetic leavening agent can prolong storage time and space loose neat, as well as reduce the biscuit cake crushing rate. SAPP can improve the taste and color in sausage processing, also it improves processing speed. Sodium acid pyrophosphate used in aquatic products processing, fish balls, fish sausage, frozen food can prevent the formation of crystal flower and moisture control.

As to bulking agent, it has an important position in the food manufacturing. Bread, cakes, bread and other food is characterized by sponge like porous tissue, so the taste is soft. In order to achieve this goal in food manufacturing, it is necessary to maintain a sufficient amount of gas in the dough. The material and blocking process of mixed material in air and moisture in the baking heat generated by water vapor can cause the product to produce some spongy tissue. But to achieve the ideal effect, the amount of gas is not enough. The vast majority of the gas required is provided by the bulking agent, therefore the agent has an important role in the manufacture of food.

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