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Many uses of citric acid

Many uses of citric acid2016.08.30

Citric acid is an organic acid, due to its physical properties, chemical properties and properties of derivatives, it is widely used in food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and other industries. It is the important compounds in process of translating fat, protein and sugar into carbon dioxide in physiological. Citric acid is mainly used in the food and beverage industry as a sour agents, preservatives, flavorings and preservatives. It also used in the chemical industry, cosmetics industry and it functioned as an antioxidant, plasticizer and detergent in detergent industry.

Citric acid is mainly used as an acidic agent, solubilizing agent, buffering agent, antioxidant, fishy odor removal agent, flavor booster, gels, toners, etc. What's more, citric acid also inhibits bacteria, color protection, flavors improvement and promote the transformation of sucrose. The chelate of citric acid can remove certain harmful metals. Citric acid to prevent oxidation due to enzymatic catalytic and metal, thus preventing the frozen fruit color and taste change.

Citric in piglet feed helps early weaning, improve feed utilization 5%~10% and increase the amount of farrowing. In growing-finishing pigs diets supplemented add 1%~2% citric acid can improve daily weight gain, reduce feed conversion ratio, improve protein digestibility, reduce back fat thickness and improve meat quality and carcass characteristics. Rare earth of citric acid is a new feed additive applied to pigs, chickens, fish, prawn, SilkWorm, cattle, sheep, rabbits, and other animals, it promotes animal growth, improve product quality, improve disease resistance and survival rate and improve feed conversion rates, shorter feeding cycles and so on. It is an acid agents and preservative in beverage and food industry.

Citric acid salts such as calcium citrate and ferric citrate is an enhancer in some foods that needs to add calcium ions and iron ions. Esters of citric acid such as citrate triethyl for nontoxic plasticizer to manufacture plastic films for food packaging,

Citric acid combined with 80℃ can effectively kill bacterial spores and bacterial spores contaminated in hemodialysis machine line. Lemon has a strong antiseptic effect and is good for food hygiene, besides its scent of lemon odor, people always like to use it make cold dishes. It is not only delicious and refreshing, but also can increase appetite. But citric acid is flammable, irritant and stimulating, it can cause eczema when contact in industrial use. The powder can form explosive mixtures with air. Here you can get more information and news about OKCHEM, thanks!


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