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Mainly uses of xanthan gum

Mainly uses of xanthan gum2016.12.19

By controlling the rheological behavior of xanthan gum, it significantly improve food texture, taste and appearance, increase their commercial value. Xanthan gum as an important stabilizer, suspending agent, emulsifier, thickener, binder and raw materials with high added value and high quality used in beverages, cakes, jellies, canned foods, seafood, meat processing and other fields.

Xanthan gum used for baking roast food such as bread and cake can improve water retention and soft in baking roast and storage period, so that to improve taste and extended shelf period; It improves water holding capacity in meat products; it plays thickening and stable food structure role in frozen food; add this thickener to the jam can improve the texture, water retention and improve the quality of the product; when applied to beverage, it can thicken, suspension to make it has smooth texture and natural flavor; compound this additive with sophora bean gum and guar gum in ice cream and dairy products enables product stability; xanthan gum and carrageenan, Sophora bean gum and other compound is also used in jellies and candy processing.

This food thickener is produced by wild microorganisms of the genus Xanthomonas bacteria fermentation, and makes the corn syrup and the other three sugar fermentation. Bacteria fed with corn syrup to form a sticky substance called xanthan gum. It can be as a substitute for those allergic to gluten used in processed foods.

Xanthan gum in food thickening dairy products and salad. It is also used to keep ice cream mold and makes low-fat and fat-free dairy products becomes more energetic. Besides, this product is gluten flour substitute. Non-food uses of xanthan gum is often used for beauty products to maintain separation of emulsion products. Also xanthan gum promotes water absorption of the skin, thus it used for different moisturizers. Requires smooth emulsion of any product can use it. A common use for it is used as a thickening agent for water used for water as a lubricant for machinery and equipment. If you have interest in thickeners such as xanthan gum and other food additves, please follow OKCHEM linkedin Page to get more details, thanks!

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