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Main use of furan resins

Main use of furan resins2017.03.01

Furan resins refer to a kind of thermosetting resin that contain furan ring in the molecular structure. Its main products are furfuryl alcohol resin, modified furfuryl alcohol resin, furfural-acetone resin, furfural-phenol resin and so on.

The resin has small shrinkage when curing, and the curing are insolubility-melt black brittle solid, while its advantages are that the heat resistance and chemical resistance are superior to the phenolic resin and epoxy resin.

The main production raw material of furfuryl alcohol resins are furfuryl alcohol, maldehyde and urea. Catalyst are sodium hydroxide and vinegar. Curing agent has P-toluene sulfonic acid, xylene sulfonic acid, benzene sulfonic acid and so on.

Furan resins are mainly used as chemical-resistant and high turbidity materials.

furan resins

1 Chemical-resistant materials of furan resin available to prepare the corrosion resistant PuTTY used as lining or other corrosion-resistant material of chemical equipment.

2 Heat resistance of reinforced composites for furan glass fiber is higher than general phenol aldehyde glass fibre reinforced composites. Usually it can be the long-term use at about 150 ℃.

3 Blending modification with epoxy or phenolic resin to make the furan resin mixed rest use with epoxy or phenolic resin. This improves furan glass fiber-reinforced composite material mechanical properties and process performance of preparation. This type of composite material has been widely used for the preparation of chemical reactor mixing devices, storage tanks, pipelines and other equipments.

4 High valuable in industry. Furan resins are widely used in the metallurgy and casting industries. It also applied to production of auto parts, plumbing, tire mold. The application of furan resin process modeling can access to good economic results.

Because of furan resin has excellent corrosion resistance, heat resistance, advantages of its sources of raw materials and the production process is simple, it has long drawn people's attention. If you want to know more details and knowledge of chemicals raw materials, please follow us at OKCHEM Linkedin Page to get more!

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