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Main components of coatings

Main components of coatings2016.11.09

Film-forming material

Film-forming material is the basis of coatings. It plays a decisive role in coating and performance. Material can be used as the film's are many, and modern coating industry mainly uses the resin. Resin is a amorphous of organic, it usually refers to polymers. Now it widely uses synthetic resins, such as alkyd, epoxy resin, acrylic resin, chlorinated rubber resin.


It is a main component of the color coatings. Pigments give film colors and make the coating has the ability to cover the coated object. Some pigments can provide properties such as improve the mechanical properties of paint films, improve paint durability, provide protection against corrosion, electrical conductivity, flame retardants and so on. Pigments can be divided into natural and synthetic pigments by source; according to chemical composition they are consists of inorganic and organic pigments; classified by role in the coating, they are colouring pigments, extenders and special pigments. Inorganic pigments is the most widely used one in coating, synthetic pigments are widely used also, now organic pigment developed rapidly.

pigments of coatings


This chemical can dissolve or disperse film-forming substances into uniform liquid of paint so that construction into film. Solvent in principle does not constitute film and should not remain in the film. Many chemicals including water, inorganic compounds and organic compounds can be used as the solvent composition of coatings. Some of the solvents are added during the coatings manufacturing, some are added in the coatings construction.


Additives are also known as the auxiliary material component of coatings. But it can't form film independently. It as a component of the film and exist in the film after the coatings into film. It has improvement function to paint or coating of a particular aspect of performance improvement. Different varieties of coating use different additives, even paints of the same type, due to its purpose of use, method or performance requirements are different, it needs to use different additives. One kind of coating can use a variety of additives in order to play a different role. If you have interest of OKCHEM chemicals raw materials, please follow our Linkedin Page here!

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