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The main antioxidants of plastic

The main antioxidants of plastic2017.02.09

Most industry organic materials whether natural or synthetic are prone to oxidation, such as plastics, fibers, rubber, adhesives, fuel oils, lubricating oils, as well as food and feed. And oxygen reaction material would lose their beneficial properties. But adding antioxidant can try to prevent the occurrence of oxidation. This is an effective , convenient and without changing the existing production process method.

Antioxidants 168

1 Hindered phenolic antioxidant

It is a compounds has substituent on one or both sides of the-OH groups. In the case of hindered phenolic antioxidant existence, a peroxide radical (ROO •) take a Protons from polymer (RH •), interrupting this series of free radical reactions, which is the control steps of auto-oxidation. It is more likely to provide proton than the polymer when adding hindered phenolic antioxidant, which provide a more favourable reaction forming phenols of oxygen free radicals. This makes polymer is relatively stable and no further oxidation.

2 Phosphorus class of antioxidants

Phosphorus-containing antioxidant mainly is phosphite esters. Phosphite as hydrogen peroxide decomposers and free radical scavenger play an antioxidant role in plastic. In recent years also found that phosphite structure have direct effect on its antioxidant properties.

Improving hydrolytic stability remains the focus topics of phosphite antioxidant development. Currently, the focuses development of phosphite esters antioxidant are increase hydrolytic stability, polymer quantization, and primary and secondary composite antioxidant.

Phosphite esters antioxidants are the main species of polyolefin processing auxiliary antioxidant, they used with a hindered phenolic antioxidants can improve the polyolefin resin processing stability, thermal stability, etc. Numerous advantages of phosphite esters antioxidant makes it become polyolefin good versatility ancillary antioxidant.

3 Low pollution compound antioxidant of phenol esters

Compound antioxidant with high antioxidant activity and low volatile, it is especially suitable for high-temperature processing. Therefore, this chemical is excellent antioxidant and hydrolysis stabilizer for plastics. The development of low pollution combined antioxidant phenol ester is very active in recent years. This not only reduces the cost, but also extend antioxidant life of polymer. And here will add more next time, if you have interest in Plastic raw materials such as antioxidants products, please visit OKCHEM website to get more, hope this can help you!

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