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Knowledge of fluorescent pigments

Knowledge of fluorescent pigments2016.12.20

Fluorescence phenomenon is a process of photoluminescence. In this process, the short-wavelength electromagnetic waves in ultraviolet or visible light after being absorbed, it is released in the form of long-wavelength electromagnetic wave. They usually fall in the visible light range and overlay with regular reflection of light, therefore it shows dazzling bright fluorescent colors.

Fluorescent pigments tend to be applied to those who need extra dramatic situations and locations. Research to children and adults shows that, compared to using traditional colors of similar products, using a fluorescent color product attract their attention and hold the attention of even longer.

Fluorescent pigments is nontoxic and functional luminescent pigments. The differs from general pigments is that it can absorb a certain form of energy and excite photons when light (including ultraviolet) radiation, it releases absorbed energy in the form of low visible light, so as to produce different color fluorescence phenomenon.

The combination of different colours and light to form the unusual bright colors, the luminous phenomena disappears when the light stops after irradiation, so they are called fluorescent pigments. Fluorescent pigments matched with polymer resin binder, solvents and additives, by grinding can get fluorescent ink.

fluorescent pigments

Fluorescent pigment is organic complexes with high luminance. Usually it is colorless or pale white. Under radiation of UV (200nm~400nm), it shows a variety of colors of visible light (400nm~800nm). According to the wavelength of the excitation light source, it can be divided into UV-excited fluorescence pigment (excitation wavelength of 254nm) and UVA stimulate pigment (excitation wavelength is 365nm). The pigments do not contain any radioactive elements and toxic heavy metals. Therefore, it is nonpoisonous, harmless and safe to human. It is a new generation of green fluorescent pigment.

The difference between fluorescent pigments and traditional pigments are not only in color, but also in chemistry. Traditional pigments can be organic or inorganic substances with extremely low solubility. Their dispersion usually require strong shear and their particles are usually opaque. Strictly speaking, daylight fluorescent pigments is fluorescent dye in a brittle polymer resin to form solid solutions. Latter are ground into fine powder and into pigments or coloring agents. Its characteristics of solid solution makes it transparent in application. If you have interest in fluorescent pigments , please follow okchem linkedin page to get more information about this chemicals.

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