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OKCHEM Service Series: InstantQuote

OKCHEM Service Series: InstantQuote2017.08.16

OKCHEM has provided a series of services to global chemical suppliers and buyers, including financial service, Order Tracking (Orker), InstantQuote.

Orker is a simple, reliable and effective App to help you track and manage your international chemical orders anytime anywhere easily.

Our financial service makes your chemical procurement take place in less time and at lower cost. Your financial picture can be greatly improved to purchase more raw materials and receive more profit.

OKCHEM InstantQuote is a tool designed to providing efficient chemical quotes. It is especially convenient for users who have relatively stable purchasing sources. This online tool can help you get real-time quotes in a few clicks. No more inquiry emails and phone calls, the quotation is at your fingertips and you can get it anytime and anywhere.


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The features of OKCHEM InstantQuote are as follows:


1. Real-Time Quotes


You only need to select the product, quantity, delivery terms online, and then the real-time prices will show on your screen. InstantQuote makes the inquiring process painless and efficient whether you ask for FOB or CIF. It automatically calculates and updates when the inputs change and makes quotation easier and faster than ever.


2. Quotation Management


You can list purchasing needs and invite new suppliers or choose the existing suppliers to quote, and then InstantQuote inquires these designated suppliers automatically. No more repeated work. All the prices can be collected and managed at one place.


3. Price Subscription


InstantQuote price subscribing function sends you notices once the subscribed product prices or market prices changed; in this way, you could keep up with the market trend and make a better procurement decision. With all the information at hand, users can be well prepared all the time.


Now we have this intelligent pricing tool and will lauch on August 15! InstantQuote helps you to collect and manage quotes by a few clicks on your computers or mobile devices. It brings you a time-saving, labor-saving and trouble-free inquiring experience.


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