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InstantQuote Is Available on August 15th


InstantQuote is a smart quotation App to help buyers get real-time quotes and manage suppliers in a few clicks, saving time and money. It offers real-time quotes, quotation management, price subscription, quotation requests, and online consultant based on the context of inquiry.



Three Major Features

1.Real-Time Quotes

Get the latest CIF/FOB quotes with your choice of port and payment term in a snap.

2.Quotation Management

Compare and manage multiple quotes from different suppliers at one place.

3.Price Subscription

Subscribe and get price change notices and make wise procurement plans.


How to get InstantQuote service?

InstantQuote service will be available for free in Apple Store and Google Play on August 15th. For iOS users, you can download it from Apple Store. For Android users, you can download it from Google Play.


About InstantQuote

In an ever-changing market, we believe in creativity and innovations in the hope that can constantly meet users’ needs. This service tool is a product based on this concept. It aims to provide convenience and efficiency for both buyers and suppliers, while the business secrets is well protected. This quotation app extracts value from traditional chemical trade, and combine it with convenience of internet to better fit the faster pace of international business.


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