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How can group buying help you in chemical trade?


After years of development, group buying is not new to consumers. Cost-conscious consumers often flock to group buying sites snagging the chances to get 30 to 70 percent off their favorite stuffs.

And to maximize success, group buying organizers often set different rules or offer encouraging incentives to encourage repeat visits, such as buy-three-get-two-free and vouchers for next purchase, etc.

Therefore, group buying can be a win-win mode for both the buyers and the sellers. Buyers can get their products at lower prices, and sellers can access to an expansive customer network to increase sales.

Famous ones include Groupon, LivingSocial, BuywithMe, etc. But they all target for specific market and audience. When it comes to the import and export, group buying has contributed very little to the international trade.

But there are potentials. As more and more e-commerce platforms are emerging around the globe, the information of the suppliers will become more open and transparent than ever. With these platforms, buyers can reach out to the manufacturers overseas without the middle man, and can get quality products at lower prices. Then, it may come to us that if we can gather all the buyers of the same product together, we may help them get bigger discounts from the suppliers.

That is the major motive we have created ChemBnB, the group buying brand under OKCHEM. It is launched to gather the buying crowd of the same chemical products and help the purchasers get stronger bargain power. By offering the chemicals from renowned suppliers, ChemBnB can help the group buyers get high quality products at lower price.

Pros of ChemBnB:

  • focuses on the chemical raw materials group buying
  • targets international trade audience
  • provides flexibility for the type of discounts and the duration
  • supports different deal models
  • offers rich incentives and robust referral program
  • helps with the delivery and quality disputes, etc.
  • provides financial help to buyers who are lack of cash flow

For those purchasers who want to get bigger discounts for their orders in the international trade, ChemBnB will definitely be a blessing for them. It can save a lot of bargaining time, and much more money.

Currently, there are two chemical products available on ChemBnB, xanthan gum and TiO2, which adopt different group buying models. For TiO2, there is a limited amount of 500MT at a fixed price, but for xanthan gum, the price will lower with the number of buyers increases. Click here to find more details.

More chemical products are to come!


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